Tuesday, January 22, 2008

End of Term

Dear Students of ___________ High School,

In case any of you still feel the need to clarify: Yes, that IS your final grade. It is not a grade I selected for you willy-nilly. It is the grade you earned. The grade which was determined by YOUR choices. The grade that will permanently reside on your high school transcript and yes, possibly determine whether or not you get into Stanford. Let me repeat: this is YOUR grade. Deal.

Your Teacher,
The Rookie

P.S. I am sorry these years are so awkward for you, but could you please refrain from being so obnoxious so early on in the week?


Cowboy and Indian said...

It seriously makes me wonder if my teachers felt that way about me. I'm sure they did..maybe someday I will have the courage to go apologize for the gray hairs and emotional problems I caused.

Blackeyedsue said...

LOL! Unlike my baby sister, I was neurotic and I am sure I drove my teachers crazy with my OCD perfectionistic tendencies.

Alice said...

But Ms. Rookie? Is there like a some extra credit or something I can do?