Wednesday, April 6, 2011

"Thirty, Flirty, and Fabulous"

I was celebrated for my 30th just the way one should be--with multiple celebrations!
(Beware of photo overload below.)

It started with the fam-damily a few days before my birthday at my favorite Italian joint.

As evidenced below, I come from a long line of the insanely photogenic:

Alice joined us because she likes me...

Not because of this deliciousness, I swear!

It was a good time courtesy of this handsome (and maybe halfway shaggy) couple:

Then it was my birthday on--hip, hip, hooray--a Saturday!

That evening some girlfriends and I met up for Japanese food and gnome-ish party hats:

I still contend that our hats were cuter than:

Proof positive:

Yes, I totally wore a sash (I'm a yellow, remember?):

And tried green tea ice cream:

And it was all because of this lady:
I like her. I might even like her better in a gnome-ish yellow party hat.

The next night these lovely folks threw me a little shin dig:
Dave and Michelle are two of the most down-to-earth,
enjoyable people I know. Plus they have cute kids.

We partied with some of these guests:
(The "Legendary" Benincosa Cousins--
Italian Stallions, these boys...or something like it.)

The Mennzz

And Vicky and Johnny--who we failed to snap pictures of (oopsy!)

Going with the silly hat birthday theme...

Lest you think I'm totally ridiculous, the get-up was solely to entertain this cutie:

All while his older brother did what teenagers do:

Thanks everyone for making 30 so fabulous!
You all rock!