Monday, March 30, 2009

In Which I Reveal My Inner 14-Year-Old

Dear Stare-Hard,

I've noticed recently that you enjoy looking (read: oogling) at me. I've caught you, you blush and avert your eyes. I've said hi, you don't have very much to say back. But you see, dear boy, I've done my part. I'm a bit on the shy side too. But I've taken my risks. I've left my comfort zone, dropped little hints, put myself "out there." I've spent more time on facebook than I'd prefer just hoping you might stop in. I've smiled. I've sat by you with my guts flipping and my body temperature rising. And all that I get? The stare.

So here's my proposition (were you--horror of horrors, embarrassment of embarrassments--actually reading this): ask. Just ask. Ask me out. I have good hygiene. Once the awkward school-girlish nerves subside I make good dinner conversation. Just ask.

The Rookie

P.S. If you are, in fact, reading this, revealing that tidbit WON'T win you any bonus points. Asking like it was all your idea, however, will.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I'm Staying Up

Past my bedtime. Giggling. Because of this post by a long lost friend in Alaska. Seriously, what a cool mom is she!?

And because I just watched the latest installment of this.

And because I haven't stayed up way past my bedtime giggling in a while.

Monday, March 16, 2009

What is Sacred?

There's been a great deal of hoopla in my home state (and beyond) about last night's episode of the HBO series Big Love. Apparently, though I do not watch Big Love, there was a depiction of an ordinance performed in the temples of my personal religion of choice, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Alice, my bestie and brilliant roommate, wrote this post about her opinions on this controversy last week. My church officially made this statement and recently posted this video on you tube:

Then, today, I listened to a local radio program conversation (Radio West) and frankly, I wasn't too impressed by the discussion that took place.

So, now that I have links galore to the official and unofficial thoughts on the matter, I couldn't help but state my own:

I suppose there was a piece of disappointment when I learned HBO would be airing such things. Not angry-disappointment--I feel there really is little reason for outrage to enter the equation (after all, what purpose would that serve me?). Not surprised-disappointment--this isn't the first time, nor will it be the last, I'm sure, that this kind of misrepresentation has occurred in the media or by other means. But a sense of saddened disappointment. Saddened because the ceremonies performed in these temples are sacred to me. So sacred, in fact, that I do not speak of them outside the walls of the temple. And while what happens here may be cause for curiosity and perhaps even confusion in others, for me it is a deeply spiritual experience separate from the other ordinary, day-to-day parts of my life. And having something so special to me used for purposes other than what they were intended is hurtful.

I'm not calling for a boycott of HBO. I'm not out to get the executive producers, the writers, or the actors in the show. That all seems really fruitless for a no-name English teacher to take on. Instead, what this whole conversation has gotten me thinking about is humanity and the sacred. It has me thinking about how we all have different definitions of what is and what is not sacred, and that is okay. It has me thinking that I could always stand to improve in this department. That, though I view myself as a respecter of all beliefs--I find religion in all its forms beautiful and filled with many truths--I could still do better. We all could.

What this experience has reminded me of is that it hurts when someone doesn't recognize how important something is to you and treats it trivially. It doesn't feel okay when, because of their own ignorance or lack of understanding, they take something of a serious nature (to you) lightly or they take it out of context or they simply misuse or misrepresent it because they don't understand.

So, rather than let my feelings of hurt transform into feelings of anger, I think I want to let my hurt transform me. Every faith has beauty in its rituals and beliefs. Every faith is sacred. Every faith deserves to be treated as such--if for no other reason than that the individuals who follow and believe in its doctrines and philosophies are beautiful and deserving of all the respect and understanding I have to give.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Lazy/Picture Extravaganza

Essentially I've been avoiding blogging altogether because I've been too lazy to hook my camera up to the computer to post pictures of things I feel guilty if I don't post about. But all that has changed. The camera has been linked, let the blogging begin.

First on the agenda: Vegas. We had fun, didn't take nearly enough pictures (though there were three cameras there?). This is a random collage of our first night on the town (aka, dinner and then wandering around until our feet hurt and we were "over it."

While out on the town we enjoyed snapping a few anonymous shots of the scantily underclad for our own (free) entertainment:

The "partay" (Alice's mom's best friend's 60th birthday bash--did you follow that?--our whole reason for going to Vegas) was a great time. We gussied up. We dropped it like it's hot. We boogied. We snacked. We laughed. We snapped pictures. Here are a few highlights:

Next on the agenda: the arcade with Shelby & Sonia. Shelby and Sonia happen to be two of my favorite married people. Alice and I enjoy laughing until the wee small hours with them both. We knew them both long before they shared a last name, and I have to say I've never met two people more perfect for one another than these two. A couple of months ago (like I said--lazy), we went to dinner and to the arcade near their house. Dance Dance Revolution, Ski Ball, and random penny prizes with our ticket winnings were all part of the adventure. Enjoy:

So, my lazy stint is over. The guilt can stop haunting me. Maybe later this week I'll get around to filing my taxes.


Long Overdue Thank You's

Libby over at The Crush, The Glitter, The Gladness had a blog giveaway AGES ago. I won (and I never win a thing). But, like a jerk, I've been too lazy to upload the pictures of my cute niece in the adorable hat and mittens she made. Sorry, Libs! I'm behind the times. Thank you, thank you! She loved them and uses them frequently.

And I've been meaning to post Charlotte sent this decorative ladder to me as my prize for the Feeling Lucky? homemade gift exchange.

Thanks, Char! It is totally fun! I needed a little sumpin'-sumpin' for that spot in my living room--this fits perfectly!

And, to those of you who are expecting a homemade prize from me: I have the idea, the supplies, and the tools. It is merely a matter of me finding time to get them all done. But I'm excited to see your reactions.