Friday, February 6, 2009

Feeling Lucky?

Everybody I know seems to be doing this, so I signed myself up. Hope you'll play along.

The first five people to respond to this post will get something made by me.

My choice. For you.

This offer does have some restrictions and limitations:
1. I make no guarantees that you will like what I make.
2. What I create will be just for you.
3. It'll be done this year (hopefully sooner than later).
4. You will have no clue what it is going to be.
5. I reserve the right to do something extremely strange.

The catch? Oh the catch is that you must re-post this on your blog. The first 5 people to do so and leave a comment telling me you did will win a FABULOUS homemade gift by me!

** Oh, and be sure to post a picture of what you win when you get it!


charlotte said...

does this work two ways, can I get something from multiple people for dong this? Let's see what you can do!!!

Kelly said...

Hey, just found your blog! Cool. I am all in.

Shanna said...

I am a new reader too! I just did one very similar to this, but I will do another one! :)

Wemdu Pea said...

Cookies for clothes? ;)

The Rookie said...

Okay girls, just email me an address to mail whatever it is that I decide to make to its rightful owner:

confessionsofarookie {at} gmail {dot} com

Alice said...

I live down the hallway from you, could you just send the prize there?

Jen said...

And I check and comment so compulsively. Dangit!

TheVillamorFamily said...

I am too late but like the rules of this so maybe that is what I will do for my "craft-it-forward"....since I am not at all crafty! You are a wonderful writer!

Jen said...

Hey, I tried to email you at confessionsofarookie AT blogspot DOT com, and it no work. Suggestions?