Tuesday, July 3, 2012

(another) manifesto

I believe in sending cards and notes with handwritten, honest messages. As long as the note is a kind one.

Otherwise, I believe in writing handwritten letters for venting and then "sleeping on it". Chances are you won't want to send it after all.

I believe in doing hard things if it is right. I believe I can do hard things. I believe it is okay that I have to sometimes remind myself of that.

I believe every life has a beautiful story.

I believe in wearing horizontal stripes no matter your size or shape. I believe in stripes, damnit!

I believe in knowing how to spell and punctuate and checking to see whether you do it right or not. I believe the world judges you when you fail to do this.

I believe in all food.

I believe in freckles. Freckles should never be photoshopped.

I believe in toe nails splashed red.

I believe in Costco. I love that darn place.

I believe in smiling for photographs.
I believe in a good phone voice. Works like a charm.

I believe in the investment of a "safe" swimming suit. The kind you can walk around in without fearing something might pop out.

I believe sleep is more powerful than anyone can say.

I believe in education. Not for the increased salary. Not for the practicality. I believe that education makes us better versions of ourselves. Learning is priceless.

I believe in empathy.

I believe in traditions. Like watching this and this each year while wrapping Christmas presents.

I believe in silliness and whimsy and play. At every age.

I believe that there is always room for gratitude, and the tough things do eventually sort themselves out. I believe in reminding myself of this often.

I believe in forgiving myself.

I believe in forgiving others.

I believe that teaching isn't just what I do, it is who I am.

I believe in my students becoming good and beautiful people. I hope I am right.

I believe in loving and celebrating my body. Even when it is so very easy not to.

I believe a good hair day makes a good day.

I believe in comments. (Hint, hint.)

I believe I'm done. For now.