Thursday, May 19, 2011

sometimes you just need to get away from it all

Remember how I have a blog?


Me neither.

But I do. This post is proof positive. And I'm back again.

So--I went to Cancun a few weeks ago. I loved pretty much everything about it.

I loved that turquoise water.

I loved getting a deep tissue massage just because I could.

I really, really loved lounging in the hammock on my deck watching that turquoise water.

I loved waking up early and watching the sun rise over that water:

I loved that I got to enjoy that water for 7 days straight with this chica:

I loved the enormous platters of fresh fruit in the mornings.

I loved my henna tattoo:

I loved my tan:
(it's gone now--but I did have one)

I loved swimming in a cenote and snorkeling
(note to self: develop underwater camera film) and visiting ancient ruins:

I loved these breathtakingly beautiful Mayan babes with their handkerchiefs for a dollar:

I loved reading my books as the sunshine and ocean breeze kissed my skin.

I loved buying trinkets and dishes and beautifully sewn muu-muus just as a good tourist should:

I loved all things lime. Virgin lime daiquiris, lime sorbet, lime in my diet cocola.

I loved the magnificent people watching made so much easier behind sunglasses.

And, OH, how I loved my room:

So you see, it was a very lovable trip. We left happy to have been there:

But I'm also forgetting things.

Like the obnoxiously drunk adolescents whose permissive parents clearly don't understand the dangers of alcohol poisoning.

Or how bartering and bargaining got old.

Or the cocky taxi driver who tried to screw us over.

Or Miguel, one of the entertainers, who physically flirted with me to the point of awkwardness.
(When in a bathing suit, the perimeter of one's personal space grows exponentially.
Let it be officially stated for all.)

I may never forget the funky milk and yogurt.
Or other food concoctions gone awry. Sorry.

But, truth is, I really, really loved my trip.
It was practically perfect in every way.

I should go back sometime soon.

If only for this:

Or this:
(we had a full moon!)

And definitely for this:

But only if she gets to come too:

Oh Cancun, how I miss you!