Sunday, April 14, 2013


I found this cover of "Baptism" while preparing my primary lesson. I love it. This is one of my favorite primary songs. 
(Skip ahead to 0:29.)

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Lately I've... (insta-bomb)

...performed in the faculty's lip sync for my school's Spirit Bowl.
It involved public humiliation.
I was cool with it.

...spent a rather large summer of my Christmas fun-money to get started on "smashing".

*I think this crafting style is a good representation of what is happening inside this brain of mine--chaos.*

...been celebrating my birthday week with some good people.

...been snuggling lots with this little girl. 
She got fixed last week. :(

...been tortured with excessive amounts of grading. 
(And surviving all that grading with some fun filmography.)

What have you been up to, blogging world?

Monday, March 4, 2013

Questions I Need Answered

Is it hickey or hickie? Either way, there is nothing more disgusting than seeing the tell-tale signs of adolescent lust and awkwardness on the neck of a 14 year old boy who seems to always be in need of a shower. Hygiene, boys. Hygiene.

Why are we paying a $174,000 annual starting salary to individuals who don't do their job? (That being to actually pass laws that make our country better.) If I taught they way they govern I'd be the worst teacher in all of human history. And I'm including Mary Kay Letourneau in that list.

Why must my birthday be sullied by the beginning of Daylight Saving Time? Every year since they changed it I've spend my birthday week extra tired from waking an hour earlier. Thanks again, government.

Do you understand the zombie thing? Can you explain it to me. I've tried to find the humor in it to no avail. Zombies are generally disappointing.

Why are stripes so appealing to me? I have a stripe problem.

How can a sandwich consisting of a breaded, deep-fried chicken breast and sliced pickles be so delicious? I even pull off the pickles, so basically it is the chicken and the breading and part of the bun. Why are you so good, Chick-fil-A? And why have you not set up shop in my neighborhood? Couldn't we agree to kick Taco Bell out?

Who even goes to Taco Bell anymore?

What book/movie/musician do I not know about right now that you just know would be worth the time/Netflix/iTunes investment? No, really, I want your brilliant suggestions, readers.

What did you think of Seth MacFarlane on the Oscars? Convince me it didn't suck because I thought it was awful. Really awful.

More importantly, why do I continue to watch the Oscars year after year? It is a lackluster event with a few poignant speeches that can be found plastered all over the internet the next day anyway.

Why is it so hard to find a perfect pair of jeans? And why do stores "upgrade" to new cuts and styles once you find your ideal?

Why is it that the older I get, the more I just want to stay at home in yoga pants? Must be the jeans issue.

Saturday, March 2, 2013


I recently found this image on Pinterest. 
I love it entirely.

I recently finished reading this. 
I am in mourning that the sequel 
won't be out until September. 
You should read it as well. 
I forgive you if you want to wait 
until the next installment comes out. 
I promised myself I wouldn't do this 
to myself again after Harry Potter. 
I failed, miserably.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Randomness

Valentine's Day is even more annoying if you spend your day with the epically hormonal. Let me remind you that it is a badge of honor in the eyes of some of my freshmen girls to carry around every bit of V-day loot they receive. All. Day. Long. That's a lot of bears, balloons, and chocolate.

In honor of my misery, a few Valentinesy items to cheer us all.


I posted this to fb today. Thank you, Stephanie.


Wednesday, February 13, 2013


My Diet Coke addiction is getting worse. I don't care. I try and drink a lot of water to balance this out. I figure it is a fair trade.

I have to use the restroom a lot. I could hang with the pregnant.

I am having the 7 year itch at school. I don't necessarily want to leave it, by any means, but I certainly feel a bit lackluster as compared to other years. Time for a new unit or 12? Probably.

I can spend more hours of the day sleeping than waking during my period. All I want is sleep. And ibuprofen. And chocolate. And to punch someone in the jugular/junk (depending on their placement on my annoyance spectrum).

I have anxiety. It is almost debilitating, but usually some combination of reasoning and ugly crying into the lap of roomie as she soothes me and my ridiculous woes helps. We also sometimes go for a fro yo run if it isn't, you know, 11:47 at night. Usually anxiety hits around 11:47 at night.

I secretly wish to have a Missed Connection written about me.

Some books need to be stand alone books. Simply one book. Not the first in a series. Just that first book. Only that one book. Sorry, publishers, but you're beating it into the ground for money and we all know it and it is ruining publishing. Authors, shame on you for this!

I am in love with my phone, iPod, and laptop. It borders on unhealthy.

I dig politics. I swing liberal. I love that I have the right to vote. I die a little inside when I hear from people, especially women and individuals of color, who don't vote. So many sacrifices were made so they could vote. I struggle that they fail to understand how many people DIED and were beaten and abused and imprisoned so they could cast a vote. Show some respect. And not just every 4 years. (I say this to my pre-22 year old self.)

I don't get these floral/native/fair isle/legging/pant designs. It is one thing to regret such fashion decisions from your adolescence, it is another to make such choices as a grown woman. Listen, little Trendy-McTrendy-Sauce: You. Will. Regret. It. Mark my words. I had a houndstooth background/floral foreground pair of leggings in 5th grade. Ugly then. Ugly now.

Even so, I'll love you even if you wear hideous pants. I love that you are passionate about fashion to the point of risky. And a little piece of me will always be jealous of how cute your rockin' fanny looks in 'em. But you do realize there's a giant deer on your ass cheek, right?

I believe in cheap shoes. I have a hard time spending more than $30 for a pair of shoes. I covet real leather. I comfort myself at Payless.

My dog. I love her like a newborn baby. I became that person. She is intoxicatingly sweet and every nurturing bit of me expresses itself on my Betsy. It is what it is. But have you seen her?

I know for a fact I could be the person who narrates audio books. I've decided this would be easier than being a voice on NPR. I would just have to read the book in advance, get a sense of the narrator, and record it. I want that job so bad! Anybody know how I get into that?

I am delighted that nerds are taking over the culture. It is about time people realize there's a little nerdy in us all.