Friday, July 29, 2011

to make beautiful music together

What I'm enjoying lately.

The Civil Wars (covering Elliot Smith)

William Fitzsimmons

Meaghan Smith

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I'm Hosting an Intervention

Alice, the cute girl pictured above and
the best bestie/roomie that a girl could ask for,
hasn't blogged in over 2 months.
It is time for an intervention.
Who's with me?

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Earning it.

I want my face to flash my life's narrative in an instant. I want each emotion and thought and whim carved there. I want a permanent set of parentheses around my mouth--a side memo to the world that I am a woman who has smiled so many times that my joy is forever etched there. I want a brow furrowed in thought or concern for my children, my students, the people I love. This brow will show I cared. Deeply. I want crow's feet scratched across my eyes' corners from squinting and straining to see my world in clarity, from laughing and making funny faces. I want my face to be a written word, a calligraphy of experience, of pain and peace and worry. I want my skin to memorize my life's work. To not only whisper but project the message that I lived a life worth living.

I want to earn my face. The story--my story--that is written on it. I want my face to tell my tale before I utter a single word.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

In Which I Dream About India and then Lose Everything

I composed a post today. It was all written up. It was lovely and beautiful and expressed my dreams of journeying to India one day, my smitten state about the subcontinent. There were photos. The spacing was cooperating (you know how blogger can be). I was merely highlighting everything to change the font.

And then I deleted it. All of it. Accidentally.
(Multi-tasking at work can be hazardous.)

Forgive me. I'm grieving the loss of a post I really liked but feel unable to recreate. One I'd been marinating for a while.

Here's a taste of what you missed (and I lost):

I refuse to see this as a sign that I'll never make it there. I will. And the going and experiencing will fill me so much deeper than any silly old blog post (even if I really liked it).