Monday, March 9, 2009

Lazy/Picture Extravaganza

Essentially I've been avoiding blogging altogether because I've been too lazy to hook my camera up to the computer to post pictures of things I feel guilty if I don't post about. But all that has changed. The camera has been linked, let the blogging begin.

First on the agenda: Vegas. We had fun, didn't take nearly enough pictures (though there were three cameras there?). This is a random collage of our first night on the town (aka, dinner and then wandering around until our feet hurt and we were "over it."

While out on the town we enjoyed snapping a few anonymous shots of the scantily underclad for our own (free) entertainment:

The "partay" (Alice's mom's best friend's 60th birthday bash--did you follow that?--our whole reason for going to Vegas) was a great time. We gussied up. We dropped it like it's hot. We boogied. We snacked. We laughed. We snapped pictures. Here are a few highlights:

Next on the agenda: the arcade with Shelby & Sonia. Shelby and Sonia happen to be two of my favorite married people. Alice and I enjoy laughing until the wee small hours with them both. We knew them both long before they shared a last name, and I have to say I've never met two people more perfect for one another than these two. A couple of months ago (like I said--lazy), we went to dinner and to the arcade near their house. Dance Dance Revolution, Ski Ball, and random penny prizes with our ticket winnings were all part of the adventure. Enjoy:

So, my lazy stint is over. The guilt can stop haunting me. Maybe later this week I'll get around to filing my taxes.



Alice said...

What fun collages. I too feel behind in the blogging world because of my need to post such gems.

Did you notice one of those girls is grabbing the other girls butt in that picture? A slight detail I didn't notice before, but some how it works.

I too heart Shelby and Sonia. Vegas was a lot of fun, and look at you shakin' what your momma gave you. I love it.

Rie Pie said...

LOOK AT YOU...looking all hot and temptin'. You, my friend are one red hot pepper.

Wendy said...


Loved the pics. Looks like you had a blast. Love the up-dos and the underclads! :)

The Lathrop's said...

Looks like you had a good time in Vegas!!

Ashley said...

Fun trip to vegas! You looked hot out on the dance floor. Thanks for letting us take Rose. She was a cozy ride!