Monday, March 9, 2009

Long Overdue Thank You's

Libby over at The Crush, The Glitter, The Gladness had a blog giveaway AGES ago. I won (and I never win a thing). But, like a jerk, I've been too lazy to upload the pictures of my cute niece in the adorable hat and mittens she made. Sorry, Libs! I'm behind the times. Thank you, thank you! She loved them and uses them frequently.

And I've been meaning to post Charlotte sent this decorative ladder to me as my prize for the Feeling Lucky? homemade gift exchange.

Thanks, Char! It is totally fun! I needed a little sumpin'-sumpin' for that spot in my living room--this fits perfectly!

And, to those of you who are expecting a homemade prize from me: I have the idea, the supplies, and the tools. It is merely a matter of me finding time to get them all done. But I'm excited to see your reactions.


Alice said...

Look at the fun stuff you scored from such talented ladies. I love that top picture of Bug.

Libby said...

Very cute. I wasn't expecting a "thank you post", but appreciate it just the same.

Looks like your Vegas trip was a success. I too am grossed out/mesmerized by the lack of clothing that cruises around that place. It's a given that you'll see at least a few butt cheeks, tons of cleave, and a few other unmentionables on any trip, regardless of the weather.