Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Snug as a "Bug" in a Rug

This is "Bug." She's my sister's eldest and I absolutely adore her. She's funny and silly and creative and, I know I'm rather partial here, but so friggen' smart it is almost intimidating. So this post is dedicated to "Bug." I hope you enjoy the pictures and anecdotes of the cutest kid in the whole wide world. Oh, and purple just happens to be her favorite color so we're writing it in purple today.

If ever there were a camera hog...that would be Bug. The girl loves the camera and I've dedicated myself to teaching her the delicate art of posing. She's a quick study.

Her last birthday party was a Surprise "Dress Up" Party (she specifically requested the surprise part...tee hee hee). She came to the party in black velvet and a boa. I gave her the dress below because, as her favorite aunt, I'm entitled to spoil her, dangit!

Dancing with Bug guarantees fits of laughter...and maybe a short a dizzy spell or two...

The night before Thanksgiving, we had a "slumber party" at my house. Bug needed help with something and went between her mom, Alice and me asking for help. We were all cooking. Bug stormed off down the hall in frustration, exclaiming: "You all say 'not I, not I, not I.' So I guess the little red hen will have to do it herself!"

Did I mention this girl loves the camera?

Bug also likes to go out with the ladies for lunch and order an ice water with lemon...just like the big girls. She just has more fun with hers.

At an Italian restaurant a few weeks ago she informed us that Bon Appetit meant "Enjoy your meal" when the rest of us were debating its meaning.

She insisted Princess Jasmine be in on this picture.

Vocabulary words Bug uses frequently that the average 5/25 year old does not:

"We need to cooperate with one another"

"Santa has strewn presents in our living room"

"Grandma is a little slow today, you need to use simple language"

"I have a question regarding..."

"Perhaps we could watch Ratatouille instead of doing my homework."

"Good evening."

"Pardon me."

"I would prefer ..."

Famous Bug Quotes:

"Please put my baby brother down. He's not your's."

"Will you count to three while I decide? I need more time."

Exasperated: "You don't have ROOT BEER?!? Why would you do that!?!" Pause. "That's okay. I'll have Sprite."

At McDonald's we heard her voice echoing from the play area: "Be kind to the little children. The little children are angels!"


LovingTheChaos said...

What can I say...she is the apple of mine eye! :)

And she speaks better English than I do! :)

Blackeyedsue said...

What a well spoken Bug. Could she be any cuter?

Alice said...

She is too cute. I love all the pictures. I had to giggle at lunch the other days when she announced to our server she wanted ice water with a lemon and a straw. tee hee. crazy little girl.