Saturday, January 12, 2008

Encyclopedia of Me: E

is a tricky little beast of a letter. It took me a while to figure this post out as my brain kept churning: " the heck is E for?"

So, E...E is for Echo by Davidoff (my favorite perfume, not the repetitive kind).

E is also for E___________________, the high school I work at. And E is for English, the subject I teach, or attempt to teach, anyway.

E is for Elizabeth Bennett, a woman whose wit I envy. While she can immediately call up the perfect retort, my tongue grows thick and I end up saying something prolific and stunning, such as: "Yeah, you too!"

E is for The English Patient, one of my favorite books. Ondaatje is a genius of a poetic writer.

And finally, E is for Edward. Edward Abbey, one of my favorite authors. You gotta love that Desert Solitaire!

And Edward from the Twilight Series...those of you who have read it know exactly why.

So there you have it, I'm still in the running for the Blog War. And I WILL triumph, ladies! :)


officepc said...

Where is Desert Solitaire Road located? I live in Johnstown, PA, which is about 30 miles froms Ed's adopted home of Home, PA, and his birthplace of Indiana, PA. Just curious.

The Rookie said...

I just nabbed it off a random site on the net, officepc. Wish I could tell you, but I'm in the dark on that one. Sorry.

JD said...

mmmm edward!!!

Blackeyedsue said...


That was the sound of me swooning and falling to the floor.