Thursday, January 3, 2008

Encyclopedia of Me: D

is for Drama Queen.

Every one of us has a secret former life we hide from the world. Perhaps you spent your adolescent years bald and gothic. Maybe you were a cheerleader or a band geek or a quarter back or a teacher's pet. In high school, it's all about identity. And I found mine in the Drama Department.

An excerpt from The Unwritten Rules of Being a Drama Queen:

1. Serve in some leadership capacity with the Drama Club. (I personally served as Vice President and the Head Cheese Prez herself).

2. Act dramatic...especially when not on the stage. If you fail a test, play the part as if life itself were ending. If you were asked to the dance, act as if you'd just won the lottery.

3. Think like a winner: that lead role in the upcoming play belongs to you and you will have it and if you don't get it: see rule number 2...and talk viciously behind the back of the girl who did get YOUR role.

4. Have at least one on stage kiss. (Mine was earned while playing Annie Oakley in Annie Get Your Gun my senior year. Junior year I almost got there with an on-stage hug).

5. Develop a crush** on the individual you share your on stage kiss and/or hug with. (Yep, both guys could be added to the crush list). **Note, this crush need not be requited.

6. You must live by the philosophy that Shakespeare is matter how much you don't understand his words.

7. Character shoes are a must. All true actresses own a pair.

So there you have it. The secret is out. Confessions of a former Drama Queen. These days, I think I'd feel just silly up on the stage...but in high school I lived for it.

What about you? What secret life are you trying to cover up?


Blackeyedsue said...

Wow. I didn't know that about you.

LovingTheChaos said...

Well...I guess I am officially a drama queen too. :)

Does it count if you no longer fit into your character shoes because your feet are too fat after having two kids? :)

Love ya,

Drama Queens United!

Alice said...

Love this post. Yay for the Drauma queen that still exists in The Rookie...even if she doesn't play by the same exact rules :)

We need to get come pics scanned in so you can show yourself off.

The Rookie said...

We totally need to scan some in! :)