Saturday, January 5, 2008

Confessions of a Rookie: Confessional Edition

20 things I'd rather you didn't know...but I'm fessing up anyway (shhhh, don't tell!):

1. I still have my Christmas tree up and I have no intention to take it down any time soon...that would just require work. (work=meh!)

2. I have enough underwear to last me over a month.

3. I don't do laundry a lot.

4. My closet still looks full when I have an overflowing dirty laundry basket.

5. I spend far too much time blogging.

6. I'm late to almost everything...a lot. (Strangely, I'm rarely late for work).

7. My files at work have no real order, alphabetical or otherwise. I usually just mull around in them until I find what I want.

8. I don't file much at work or home so I end up getting lots of piles of papers I don't want to deal with.

9. I keep my checking account balanced to the penny.

10. I like to align my Diet Coke cans, Alice's Diet Dr. Pepper cans, and the water bottles in the fridge.

11. When other people load the fridge it wrong it really bothers me.

12. I probably drink too much Diet Coke (with fresh squeezed lime...yummy!).

13. I can blow dry my hair and put on my make up at the same time.

14. I do this naked every other day.

15. I don't wash my hair every day.

16. I once dated a male stripper.

17. I haven't had a date in nearly 2 years.

18. I push snooze so many times I'm not sure how many times I've pushed snooze.

19. I send and receive upwards of 50 text messages a day.

20. Most all of these are between Alice and my sister.


Sephalo said...

Wow! I feel a little closer to you now! Lol I'm with you on #10 & #11

LovingTheChaos said...


I knew it all...but it's nice to hear it all again.

You got me beat on the male stripper one! :)

Love ya.

Blackeyedsue said...

My Christmas Tree is still up as well. Sigh. I have red and white lights on it. Maybe I could get away with leaving it up until Valentine's Day.

The Rookie said...

I say go for it Blackeyed Sue...add blue for the 4th of July!

Alice said...

Pssst...I have similar confessions as you already know. My closet, my txt msgs, my underwear, my nondating self. That male stipper card is something we don't have in common however. You can pull that out for the rest of your life as something you have done and that others most likely have not. Hehehehehe