Thursday, April 16, 2009

April 15: Eventually, I Get Things Done

It was tax day yesterday. I may have taken a trip to the post office at 10:30 pm with the roommate to file her taxes. And maybe, just maybe, I logged online to pay my $17 to the State of Utah at 11 pm.

When did we become procrastinators of this kind?

In other news, I'm in the ward *road show (GOOOO...learn to say NO, Rookie!) and have to get my many lines memorized by 5 pm today. I've been on Spring Break all week and I'm just getting around to that today. Yes, today at 11 am. I had nightmares as I slept in this morning that it was all of Juliet's lines in Romeo and Juliet that I had to memorize, however (I'm in the middle of teaching this with my 9th graders), so I'll take the road show any day.

*A road show is a strange Mormon custom in which small plays or skits are put on and performed by each ward (small congregation) for the members of the entire stake (collection of congregations). Usually these plays revolve around a similar theme. At one time the shows "went on the road" traveling from one church to another in the stake. Almost always it is a rather lame-o (did I just admit this?), but entertaining, event. There is rarely green jell-o present.

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pebes2 said...

i loved doing road shows as a kid!! You'll be great.