Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Me x 2

At this particular moment in time I am recalling a certain really lame movie from my childhood: Multiplicity, starring Michael "My Hair Hasn't Changed Since 1983" Keaton. If you're not familiar with the film, seriously, don't waste the 117 minutes, just know that Dolly the sheep was probably its inspiration. Its general concept: old same-hairdo clones himself to get things done and as soon as the clones figure out the privileges of looking like the husband of a certain Andie MacDowell and the benefits of cloning themselves things go awry in predictable Hollywood craptacularity.

Anyway, I'm thinking I wouldn't mind if there were two of me. Even if Me #2 was a little slow, I could have the clone do certain things for me. Grading and cleaning would tie for first on their to do list. Showing up to things I don't want to go to would be next. On easier, laid-back days, this clone could even come in and teach for me (they'd fit in with the adolescents, I'm sure of it). I could come in later, after getting my beauty rest.

Because I am the world's ultimate fan of multi-tasking. And at this particular moment in time I should be getting a variety of things done all at once (writing these thoughts not being one of them). And frankly, on days like this, I could use an extra hand with all of this. I delegate quite nicely.

What about you? If there were two of you, what tasks would you give your other?


Rie Pie said...
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Rie Pie said...

First, Keaton is dead sexy and I'm pretty sure I'd make out with his "same hair since 1983" face. All I have to say is Batman.

Second, my clone would lead my life. ie. go to work, clean, sleep, and find me a man. This would leave me free to spend my second life worry free as a super hero, write my book, watch anime at 3 AM, and not worry about dates.

Dedra said...

Hello, you don't know me. I found your blog by leap blogging from other blogs...Anyway, you are really funny! Thanks for reminding about Multiplicity. I'm not going to lie...I loved that movie! But it's okay if you didn't. Thanks for giving me a good read tonight!

Jen said...

If I had a clone, she would exercise for me, but I would lose the weight. Also, she would do our household laundry, floor maintenance, and half of the dishes.

The Rookie said...

Jen, I'm with you. She exercises; I benefit.

Rie, you think far too many men in this world are dead sexy and I love you for it!

Dedra, thanks for joining in on the fun! Differing movie tastes are welcome here!

Rie Pie said...

Men are dead sexy. Point made.
Keaton is like a mix of Costner and Willis... nice.

Momza said...

Okay Multiplicity is my all-time favortie movie..because of #3. Love it!
And clones would just want to borrow my clothes, so no thanks.