Monday, August 31, 2009

Sometimes Shakespearean Captures My Emotion Best

Tonight I'm going to a viewing (wake) for a friend's mother. One month and three days from her shocking stage IV gastric cancer diagnosis, she passed away.

Today I found out a dear friend at work has ovarian cancer. Luckily chemotherapy is still an option. Devastation abounds, it would seem. Both are too young for this. Forgive me while I write a letter that needs writing.

To Cancer:

I loathe you. You ravenous beast. You thief. You villain. You putrid spawn on the human condition. Not only do you take over the human body, sucking it of all want for living, but you reach your corruption into the body of families, of friends, of coworkers. You ruiner of lives. I hate you more and more as each day passes. You are the loathed enemy, the furies collected, all wicked personified.

Not a Fan

In my mind, cancer

is equivalent to (=, if you will)

The worst of Shakespeare's villains combined. The correlation of grief and devastation left in their wake is just too uncanny to not notice a connection.


Stephanie said...

I'm so sorry.

Alice said...

Cancer sucks! I hate it so bad too. I am happy to say my mom is a survivor, and unfortunately my pops is fighting the good fight. I hate Cancer.

I am so sorry to hear about Cheryl, here's to hopin' for good news. I will keep my fingers crossed!

Jen said...

Me, too!

Terresa said...

I, too, hate cancer. My grandma just had her bladder removed (her bladder!!) the other day due to cancer. At least she still have a life left to live.

I just read a blog post about cancer earlier today. It's hideous, raw, and honest. If you dare to read it, here's the URL (but get out the tissue box first):

Miss Melissa Bee said...

I second Alice's motion that cancer sucks! It really SUCKS!!! I am sorry for your friend and for you. XOXO!