Tuesday, August 25, 2009

180 Instruction Days to Go

I just finished my first class of the school year. (Confession: yes, I'm blogging during my 2nd period prep instead of tackling the world's largest to-do list.) So, indulge me. Let me just rant randomly about the things on my mind at the moment.

1. I love everything about my new classroom: the divine view, the large tables instead of miniature desks, the storage space with room to grow into, its close vicinity to the faculty restroom. The chalkboards, on the other hand, could go far, far away and I wouldn't miss them. I hate the gritty feel of chalk, the dust of chalk, the smell, the sound. Oh, how I loathe waiting on the carpentry department to install white boards (six months of waiting).

2. Freshmen get younger and younger yet try to look older and older every year. I swear by this.

3. I'm never going to memorize all of these names.

4. I adore my old students that came to visit me today and can't possibly see how I'll like these new ones just as much. I go through this every year, however, and somehow it just happens.

5. It amazes me how the first day of a class reveals what will be experienced for the entire school year. So far, I'm thinking I'll enjoy my A-1 Language Arts 9 class.

6. I'm exhausted and already my feet hurt. Between moving this weekend (more on that later) and setting up class and planning ahead for school I am worn out. I think I need to install a hammock in my office. I miss my bed.

7. I've already got grading piling up. I love teaching. Grading, on the other hand, can go the way of the chalkboard.


Stephanie said...

Good luck, my friend!

Rie Pie said...

That would be a lot to take in. I love that you wrote this at work. I'm reading this at work. Awesome.

Alice said...

Yay, back to school back to school. Sorry about the white board and missing your old students. here's to new students and the hope that you will like them. (At least some of them :)

Libby said...

Good luck with that. I hate the grown-up young kids these days. I hate that girls are streaking their hair and getting fake nails in elementary school. Gross.

I must admit, I didn't think our run in was that awkward. But I did just go to my hs reunion so maybe I have been prepped for these situations. I love to do a real catch up though.