Wednesday, August 5, 2009

it's that time again

(I'd like to thank google for the image)

160 single-subject notebooks
80 magic markers
40 glue sticks
16 dry erase markers
6 mini white boards
a pack of perfect list-making post-its
white-out tape
multi-colored felt tip pen pack
and a recycled materials pencil pouch

Teaching has made me a woman out of control. All those bins of cheap school supplies and school starting in less than three weeks means that I'm already in possession of receipts far surpassing my legislative supply budget (during a lean funding year). I've always had a thing for school supplies, my profession has now given me a legitimate excuse for office product gluttony. My car's trunk is quickly filling. And I'm still hunting for the cheapest colored pencils and maybe a bulletin board design or two.


debilyn said...

i LOVE office/school supplies! sharpies are my favorite. i look for any excuse to buy them in colors galore :)

Libby said...

You're so lucky to have an excuse for buying office supplies. I too love them more than I should. People have been known to give me gift cards to office stores for Christmas/birthdays. Best. Gift. Ever.

Terresa said...

I'm a sucker for office supplies, too.
PS: you're an English teacher, right? What grade do you teach? And what books are you reading this summer (you) and this school year (your class)? As a Librarian, I'm all ears. Do tell!

Alice said...

I too love the school supplies. I get it from my mother ;)

Cool pic google.

Jen said...

Yeah, I bought school supplies anyway because of the good sales even though my kids aren't even old enough to be in school. You really can never have too many notebooks.

Kimmy said...

I should give you some of mine. I have a self-control problem with school supplies too, and I don't teach or have children! Who can pass up crayons for a dime or packs of pencils for a penny?!?!? Not me.