Monday, August 3, 2009

10 Years

Later this month, up in Kodiak, Alaska, my 10 year reunion will be going on. I'll not be attending for various reasons. Primarily, the fact that said event is taking place in Kodiak, Alaska (and purchasing airfare just isn't in the old budget). And then there's the little bit about having attended at KHS only two years. Not to mention that I've somehow managed to remain in contact with anyone who is/was my friend during that time. But mostly, I have no desire to drop $1000 on a plane ticket to go and watch people I don't really know or like get sloshed all weekend.

It seems a strange phenomenon, these reunions: popping in every 10 years to get an update on people's lives, remembering our awful hair and fashion choices, listening to the old bands we still love. The truth is we go for one primary reason: curiosity. We need to know what happened to the rest of them. Perhaps it is because the social stratification of high school was much more condensed and obvious. Forced into one building together for three to four years, we shuffled out into a Social Darwinian food chain. We can't help but wonder if the structure of that chain remains intact.

This weekend, I bumped into this movie:

If you've never watched it, do. Though, for those with a sensitivity for language, try and find the version edited for television as the "F-bombs" abound. Essentially, it is about a hired hit man returning to his 10 year high school reunion. It is dark and slightly twisted but oh-so-funny. And, now this is important, it features John Cusack, who has captured my heart ever since he played Lloyd Dobler in Say Anything. Beyond the brilliant concept, however, it hits on this idea that we all come from somewhere. And we're all still carrying around a little baggage from adolescence.

And perhaps that is why we really go to high school reunions: to drop off some of who we used to be so we don't have to carry it around anymore.


Stephanie said...

For just a moment, after reading your last sentence, I wished fervently that I had gone to my 10 Year Reunion... Then, I remembered that by declaring I absolutely would NOT go to said reunion, despite a heavy amount of pressure from several fronts, and by insisting that I did not care to see people from high school (aside from those I have chosen to keep in contact with), I felt liberated. By deciding I was over it, I was.

Wendy said...

This movie is on my top 10 list! :) LOVED it! I didn't attend my reunion either and from what I hear..I didn't miss much. :)

Alice said...

My reunion is next year and I haven't decided what I think about the whole deal. The fact that I currently hide from classmates in the store or run-ins at wedding receptions tells me I may be leaning against attending.

But lets be honest, I am some how tempted by the event. Even when my better judgement tells me something about "you'll hate it". Maybe I will go?

I am sure you won't be surprised, but I have never seen the movie.

Terresa said...

I loved the movie. And I never realized that Minnie Driver was in it...maybe that was before she got real famous?

John Cusack is one of our all time favorite actors. He rocks. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

PS: My husband & I both skipped our 10 yr hs reunions and we had no excuse, we're living in the same town we graduated from. Now for our 20th reunion next summer our excuse is Face Book.

silvernic said...

Holy crap, Batman! A decent movie makes its way to your blog. What's next, pictures of hot girls (other than you, of course)!

Libby said...

You should have come to the BHS reunion. I put your name on the email list, hoping you'd come.

It was actually fun. Low stress, lots of gabbing, yummy food. It wasn't nearly as scary as I had made it out to be. People were actually nice. Weird, I know. Alice-you must go!!

Also-I'm putting this movie on my Netflix list. Thanks!