Monday, August 10, 2009

For the Girl Who Knows Who She Is OR Male Bashing at Its Finest

A friend recently had a bit of an embarrassing debacle involving none other than her long-time crush. It involved sending a text message (intended for a close girlfriend) about a certain crush of hers (and her possible frustrating feelings for said individual) to that person in a Freudian slip up of the most humiliating kind.

She informed me that she feels like the earth did in fact swallow her whole this time, but sent her through, "a nightmarish tube into junior high school all over again. I didn't like this when I was 13!" She said. "At 27 I'm supposed to be done with this crap!"

In her honor and in a gesture intended entirely for support during her time of humiliation, I post the following messages of encouragement. (Google search kindly provided all images.)

First off:
Juvenile as that image may seem, sometimes it is what it is.

Secondly, the Farside has guided us through many of life's obstacles. Once again, it did not disappoint in reminding us that we've all been there:

Thirdly, boys have no room to judge our silly ways.

Only an individual of the male variety would think this was a great idea:

And do you notice any females in this particular cast?

I didn't think so.

And, lest we forget, only a man would honestly see nothing wrong, unethical, or flat out disgusting with the following scenario:

So you see, you-know-who, the truth is that you are far better than this loser.  If he doesn't recognize you for the brilliant, beautiful, independent, kind and spiritual catch that you are, it is his loss.

The Rookie


Rie Pie said...

Dear Rookie,
Great post, there is nothing like a true friend to bash anyone who could possible hurt a loved one.
ps. The army pic is gross. I need to scrub my brain and I can't figure out how!!?

Dear Friend of Rookie,
I completely relate to the suck-level of this awful act.
I wrote an email to a girl I work with about a guy I work with. It was very shameful and descriptive and... I sent it to him instead.

Even worse, he sits right next to reach out and touch him next to me. I wish the Earth would have swallowed me whole.

Jen said...

My heart is with your friend in this difficult time. Did she read the Segullah article a few days ago about the lady who forgot to put her shirt on over her camisole and went to the bank? (With her g's on?) A good laugh if not consolation.

Alice said...

Boys are stupid.

hehehehehe you rock my friend. Thanks for this, I laughed out loud.

I think we all know the feeling of the moment send is selected and there is nothing we can do about it. It's gone to it's unintended recipient.

Confessions of a Music Loving Bookworm said...

In my limited experience (and its really limited) boys have been idiots.

I may be only a teen, but i can truly say that boys are in fact idiotic, unromantic (at least some), unreliable, insufferable, pig headed jerks!

My friend once read a book that said all men (boys included) like to be/are M.A.C.H.O or Males Acting Childish Humiliating Outrageous. That is quite fitting if i do say so myself, and i am saying so... that means it is right.

However i must say that not all men are like this. Some can be romantic.

silvernic said...

I don't get it?