Thursday, May 7, 2009

Standardized Testing and Dating

In high-school-land we are in the midst of standardized testing. My AP students are in a constant state of panic, suffering through one grueling four hour AP exam after another, studying themselves into ulcers. The rest of my students have turned cagey and wired as they spend their days filling out bubbles in each class.

To lighten my mood in the midst of the stress, I've decided to play a game. It is called "Standardized Testing Is Like..." You get to tell me what standardized testing is like and why. I even put mine in the form of a standardized test question.

Here goes...
Standardized Testing is like an Awkward First Date. Is it because
A. You invest far too much time readying yourself for these events that, in the end, don't matter all that much.
B. Each is required to get what you really want out of life and yet each is a miserable waste of three hours.
C. You will never really use any of the information gleaned from these events in your future life.
D. Every move you make is judged and scrutinized by someone you don't even know.
E. No matter how horrible it is, you will be expected to do it again. And again. And again.

Please indicate your responses with a #2 black lead pencil only.


Adrienne said...

hahaha! Love it! My kids just finished their state tests and I've been avoiding dating...

debilyn said...

I just love the way your mind works!!


Standardized testing is like Angelina Jolie. It's touted as having true value and purpose, but it's really just a bunch of empty fluff that makes absolutely no difference in your life.

Rie Pie said...

Standardized testing is like having depression because...
a-You only focus on the dark parts.
b-There is no end in sight.
c-You can't see what everyone else seems to be getting.
d-Nobody wants to talk about it at the end of the day.
e-Even when you move on from the first day, everything is still the same the next.

ha ha. You're hi-larious to think this up!!!

Alice said...

I am no good at this kind of deal. It actually gives my nightmares of my 11th grade English Teacher!

Standarized testing = SUCKS!

How's that?

(remember how I have to take a licensing test this year? PTSD already)

Jocelyn and Daniel said...

hilarious. I love it

Ashley said...

I love it! I am so glad I am not in high school or the dating scene anymore. They both suck!

Jen said...

Standardized testing is like potty training.

Eventually, the paper products end up in the landfill.

Large amounts of anxiety and angst are involved.

People are always comparing their success with other others in pointless and incorrect efforts to gage self-worth.