Thursday, May 14, 2009

5 Things that Taunt Me On Regular Basis:

1. The gym (and the people within it).

2. Laundry. (It just never ends...)

3. My Job (and the people within it).

4. Clocks (each of which has the soul purpose in life of either waking me with a wretched noise or reminding me that I'm late--or both).

5. Bills (seriously, why can't computer glitches in which my name is permanently removed from some IOU-database ever occur?  I ask very little here.)

What's taunting you?


Jen said...

Laundry also taunts me.

Small children and their crayon-related adventures.

The book Titan, which I am less than half through after several months. So interesting, but SO dense.

The Lathrop's said...

laundry for me as well :) I don't think it will ever end!

pee around the toilet, on the toilet, under the wastebasket, on the wall, ... Why can't boys aim?

yardwork! dust bunnies! bills! unfinished quilts! my kids scrapbooks! ..............

Wendy said...

People with large rings containing diamonds worn on that one finger right next to the smallest one on the left hand? ;)

Wendy said...

P.S. my word verfication for that comment was anole. Say it really fast a few times. ;) he he he