Saturday, June 28, 2008

Writers @ Work

This past week I've been in Salt Lake City at the annual Writers at Work Conference.

Faculty writers included Steve Almond, Dean Bakopoulos, Victoria Redel, Abigail Thomas (her writing happened to be my favorite-favorite and what I would recommend first and foremost to any of you--specifically her memoir A Three Dog Life), and my poet-extraordinaire workshop leader for the past five days, Kim Addonizio. And that woman can bring down a house during a reading--blues-y rifts on the harmonica and a light joking fodder that keeps you riveted. Poetry readings are not the sterile, benign events they once were with that woman reading. The woman puts on a great show, people. So great, you may not recognize her poetic prowess and know-how. (For more information on any of these writers, click on their names.)

It was an inspiring and educational week. I am still reeling with all of the information, the entirety of the experience was intense and overwhelming. I was doing 12-13 hour days soaking in information, attending workshops and panel discussions, and meeting individually with poet and editor, Martha Rhodes, to discuss more about my poetry, fitting writing into my schedule during the school year, and how to move towards publication.

I am so appreciative for the opportunity, the expertise and pure brilliance of my instructors--each were specialists in the craft of writing. Already, I am writing poems and already I can tell that I'm growing as a writer with their supportive voices in my head. And already, I am certain I'm forgetting some of what was said. But oh, what a week!


Mrs. Bennett said...

That sounds inspiring. You must be a wonderful teacher.

silvernic said...

Dude, don't you know it's summer and you should be resting your brain for next year! Besides, poems are for girls.