Friday, June 20, 2008


I have to show off all I've been working on lately.

There is the photo collage in my hallway with fabulously framed scrapbooking paper as art:

Alice, Ashley and I all got together Wednesday and made these fun magnetic message boards. I'm putting mine in my classroom (and yes, that should say BRILLIANT, not RILLIANT...but I'm a moron and botched the B so I'll have to figure out a solution at my local craft store some time soon):

We still have a project day ahead to make our designer magnets for these.

And this is Alice's magnetic message board along with some more framed scrapbooking paper as art in the kitchen:

I am on a roll. Suddenly, I love projects! All that HGTV I've been watching must be getting to me.


Alice said...

Yay for projects! As for the hallway- Man we are good ;) I think it looks great. Thanks for getting them all hung up.

Ashley said...

Your hallway looks so cute! I can't wait to see what pictures are in the frames.

I love the magnet boards! They turned out so cute! Thanks for coming and hanging out. I am all ready in search for our next project.

Kimmy said...

Your projects look great! I love the photo collage! I miss you and Alice. Glad you're having a fun summer, though.