Friday, June 20, 2008

Annual GIRLS' Trip?

Not so much. You see, our annual girls trip to Lava Hot Springs, Idaho was crashed by boys. That's okay, considering it was Father's Day Weekend and all. :)

I'll have you all know that I didn't have any
near-death experiences, though the Sheriff (who reminded me a bit of Volunteer Deputy Shrewt) did drop by at 3 in the morning. Yes, apparently four grown women in their pajamas and a 4-month-old baby are prime suspect for wreaking havoc in the tiny town of Lava. Imagine, if you will, finally finding a comfortable position on the wretched motel mattress after a night of giggling and gossiping with the girls. Only to be rudely awakened by:

"This is the Sheriff. Open the door or I will have the Hotel Manager do it for me!"

Yes, you guessed it folks. "Room 501" was causing one heck of a ruckus--yelling profanities, throwing furniture off of the balcony (because on the ground floor that's totally our game...totally).

Poor Officer Shrewt, err, the Sheriff. When we opened the door in our jammies, all standing around the door in the glow of his Power Flashlight with scared, wide open eyes (hey--I've never been arrested before), he looked a bit dismayed. Could this possibly be the culprits?

Apparently not, we heard him talking outside with the complaint-maker, reassuring him that, "it's definitely not the ladies in 501. Definitely not."

Other than Friday night's rude awakening, great fun was had by all.

There was, most importantly, this little guy:

We did a whole lotta eating junk food and talking and talking and this activity left my abs and cheeks aching by the end of the weekend:

We played our own version of "Stupid Human Tricks" or something like it.

(Don't ask, just witness the evidence):

Now that you've seen that, you all know you must pretend you never did, right?

I avoided setting foot in THE river altogether. Opting instead to sit in the shade on solid ground watching Its victims pass me by. But there were a few daring victims/souls:

For an annual GIRLS' trip, it was still fun to have our friends' spouses/sons crash in on our party...even if they have their own weird male bonding rituals:

Next year, I think we'll invite officer Shrewt in on the Pretty Panties Pillow Fight. (Okay, that one was for you ladies who were know who you are, you Law Breakers, you).


Jen said...

Officer Shrewt. Hahahaha.

Love the illustrations. Awesome.

LovingTheChaos said...

I am peeing my pants laughing! What a fun weekend! :)

Ashley said...

I love the face trick- which one of you knew how to do that?

Sounds like a fun weekend!

Stine said...

Dude, is that photoshop?

It's good to never be arrested.

Alice said...

Yay for Lava, so fun. The way you tell stories is almost as funny as the real thing. Love the face pictures.

Can you imagine being arrested in Lava of all places? That's kind of like being pulled over in Yellowstone by that "one" cop ;)

By the way, defintely not the ladies in 501, hehehehehe.