Monday, June 16, 2008

Better Late Than Never

It was Father's Day yesterday, but I missed posting a blog because I was out of town (more info to follow...tomorrow hopefully). So, here is my belated post in honor of my dad.

Things I Love...OR Hate to Love...OR Love to Hate About "The Beav":

He has two "swim shirts" he loves to wear to his condo's pool. Each are thread-bare and pitiful. One Hard Rock Cafe: Acapulco (pictured below) was acquired when my brother went on a study abroad to Mexico in the early 90's if that gives you any kind of hint. The older "swim shirt" is a skin-thin Tazmanian Devil Valentine's Day t-shirt reading "Irresistible Force." This one hasn't made an appearance in a while, my mother may or may not have had something to do with this.

He is frugal to a fault. When we were toilet papered, he'd gather the toilet paper and put it all in a giant garbage bag and make US, the victims, use it until the bag was empty. I think he secretly hoped we'd get toilet papered.

In the car, his off-key voice (the man REALLY can't sing) would serenade me: "Mare's eat oats and fowls eat oats and little lambs eat ivy. A kid'll eat ivy too, wouldn't you?" His solo was always followed by his questioning, "Is that right, kiddo? Is that right?"

Teddybear that he is, he would hug anyone. And I mean anyone. Physical boundaries do not exist in his life philosophy. His tender loving heart once kissed my best friend ON THE MOUTH! Yes, you read that correctly. She'd just gotten home from grad school and he was thrilled to see her home again. Apparently, more so than any of us. I tried to stop him but it was all in slow motion and I couldn't quit his puckering in time.

The man loves nuts. Any gift given him is 210% improved if accompanied by a giant Costco jar of mixed nuts (which he received as part of his gift this year). Further proof of his nut obsession: He married my mother (tee hee hee, Ma, you know I love you).

Upon hearing my mother was pregnant with me, he did not respond in joy, oh no. He was embarrassed to be having another 40. "AT FORTY, ADELE! I'll be an old father and people will think I'm the kid's grandpa." You were an old father, Dad. But you're my old father.

Happy Father's Day to my sweet Papa!
You make me laugh, Dad, and I love you very, very much.



Heidi said...

The Beav is great. I will always remember the first time I spent the night at your house. We were awakened by him saying "Who ate my donuts? Brooke was it you?" Your dad is in some of my great memories. I can still hear him scream as he fell into the badger hole while playing sardines. Hope he had a great Father's Day.

Ashley said...

Happy Father's Day Beav! I love all the stories of him. I laugh the hardest when you tell them!

I don't know him well but I am sure he is a great dad. I love that he kissed my sister!!!

Alice said...

Gotta love the Beav... Happy Father's Day.

Adele said...

I read all of the entries. I had your dad read his. It was great.

Adele said...

This is from your father: Thank you for the fun words, but I have to correct 2 things. First, the Hard Rock Acupulco shirt was a gift from Willy and Teresa when they went to Mexico 20 years ago, so that is why it is threadbear.

And, I never saved toilet paper for the purpose of use. I probably picked it up and put it in a garbage bag and threw it away. Believe me, you never used it!!! So there.