Monday, January 21, 2013

Loving the Lumineers, Outgrowing, and Other Thoughts

I'm loving the band featured above. They are right up my music-lovin' alley.

A host for a local morning radio show on the (quickly growing outdated) alternative station I once loved in my early 20's mentioned something about this lovely band the other morning on my way to work. It was a negative little quip, but it said so much to me. They were to appear on SNL that coming Saturday, and he said: "They're probably just another one of those groups with a banjo." 

I found myself bothered. I'm usually an NPR or audio-book kind of girl,but I'd forgotten my iPod and I felt like frolicking through the local stations, taking a trip to the morning show I found hilarious and enjoyable in my early college years.

And it hit me so entirely. I've grown up, grown out of a phase where I appreciate such shallow commentary on the world. I find the antics of these individuals juvenile. I've aged and matured 10 years since loving this station. Sadly, the hosts have aged as well, but not matured.

And so, a little letter announcing a permanent parting of ways:

Dear Radio from Hell

I'm sorry, but I can't visit you again. Not only is your commentary on so much of what is happening in the world misogynistic, juvenile, and misunderstood, you've also shown your true ignorance of the evolving world. Your thoughts so frequently demonstrate that you've failed to understand craft versus image, art versus spectacle, lyricism versus the cliche. Honestly, Kerry, Bill, and Gina, I find you painfully immature. I'm sticking with NPR.

A former listener

P.S. It bugged me then, and it bugs me now.  Gina, stand up for yourself. Own up to your own intelligence and power as a woman and thinker. You allow those two men to bully you. You remind me of Bella Swan. It is a tragic example for your female listeners. 


Stephanie said...

I had to leave them behind as well, for many of the same reasons. And the Lumineers? Lovely.

Shannon said...

i wish that i lived close to you, brooke.