Saturday, January 12, 2013


Dear Snow,
Enough already. We get it. You're really good at transforming from water into intricate patterns of delight and ice that fall from the sky. Blah, blah, blah. I can touch my toes and write a mean literary analysis essay. But I know when to say "when".

Dear Puppy,
Socks and slippers are not toys. Nor are my toes. And rugs are definitely off the play-time table. Also, your obsession with my unmentionables in the laundry basket is downright disgusting. Good thing you're stinkin' adorable. Stinkin'.

Dear Bestie,
Remember how you brought me my favorite kind of muffin home from the grocery store in the middle of a snow storm without me even asking? I always will because you are rad beyond measure and truly value my deep appreciation for pastries. This is one of the many things that has kept us friends for-evah.

Dear Audibles,
You complete me. Since joining I've "read" more books so far this school year than in all my past 6 years of teaching combined. I only regret not joining years ago.

Dear Music,
Sorry you've been neglected of late. Audiobooks have taken over the space you once filled.

Dear Readers of this Blog,
I am so very sorry for sucking. Please come back. Occasionally.

Dear Occasionally, 
Your correct spelling perpetually evades me. And I'm the kind of girl who knows how to correctly spell diarrhea, pneumonia, mnemonic, and definitely without assistance. What gives, occasion, occasionally, and occasional? What gives?

Dear Facebook,
Mostly, I find you painfully dull. But it is an obsessive sort of dull. You're like a bad boyfriend who gives me the occasional thrill and so I keep coming back for more. Only to be reminded how very dull the relationship is.

Dear Instagram,
I like you so much more than Facebook. Wanna grab lunch sometime?

Dear Primary Kids,
Thank you for making the first two hours of church fly by. You are funny and delightful. I also enjoy the many conversations about owies and favorite colors. Colors and owies are important stuff.

Dear Nap Time,
2 Legit 2 Quit. That's you. Through and through. Except when you come late in the afternoon thereby encouraging my night owl-ery. Legit not-so-much at 7 pm, nap time. 

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Jen said...

I'd just like to note my appreciation of your ability to spell definitely. You are a rare and treasured gem.