Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Little Letters

Dear Naps,
Aside from the drool, we're cooler than Cool Whip together. Wouldn't you agree?
Sleepy McSleeperstein

Dear Reluctant Readers,
You're missing out on worlds and worlds and worlds. You're missing out on dear friends. You're missing out on discovering who you are and the kind of person you want to be and taking risks without significant consequence to get there. Oh, darlings, you are missing out.
Your book-lovin' teacher

Dear KFC,
Your biscuits (w/honey--oh my!) and mashed potatoes are the only reason I'll ever really eat you. Your chicken...not so much. I mean, what happened there?
The Carbivore

Dear Instagram,
You're kind of my favorite app. I want more friends and folks to follow/be followed by with your li'l piece of smart phone joy. It feels like a really important goal for the new year. (Is it desperate and pitiful if I ask my blogging pals to find me or join just so we can instagram together? I don't care.)

Dear Facebook,
I feel like breaking up 75% of the time. But then I remember all the good things that have come of you and I realize I just need to train this tick of mine that makes me check you regularly into ignoring you more often. FOMO my eye!
Enough with the political tomfoolery

Dear Puppy,
I'm sorry about the crap weather. I'm a little stir crazy too.
Your ever-smitten mama

Dear "Nubbins" the Toy Moose,
Sorry Puppy "The Teeth" Betsy has completely removed your plastic limb via a slow and gnawing torture. Your sacrifice is appreciated around here. 
Better you than me

Dear Inversion,
I'm sick of writing to you. Go. Away. Forever.
Dizzy and depressed from your funk

Dear Books,
What a sweet gift you are to my life. I gush about you. Did you know that? I do. I gush. I get excited when I start a good one. I feel lost and forlorn when I finish a great one (hello, reading the final word of Harry Potter 7 left me depressed for days). Going to a place filled with your spines, a library, a bookstore. These are my own little pieces of heaven. Who or what would I be without the companion you've been to me throughout my life. Methinks this little letter warrants an entire post. Wouldn't you say? So would I.
A bona fide book lover

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