Sunday, July 25, 2010

So Much of So Little to Say

1. I like church. Usually. Especially that moment when I finish the Sunday School lesson and don't have to teach for another two weeks.

2. Star gazing up in the canyon is mercilessly hindered with an almost full moon.

3. I don't want to think about the fact that I technically have a mere two weeks of summer vacation left. It creates a colossal pit of dread in my stomach.

4. The annual "Welcome Back Teachers!" letter arrived in the mail only to turn the knife of my summer despair. And don't even get me started on my suck-schedule. The final period of the day is no time for 10 Basic Language Arts. That's all I'm saying.

5. My DVD player has officially left the building. Last night's flick suddenly split-screened and the people turned an eery shade of blue. And my newest Netflix period piece will be here tomorrow. Blast!

6. Remember how
once upon a time I lived life sans air conditioning. This is no longer true, my friends. And I revel in the invention of man-made cold air.

7. Except when the bill comes. Then I might have to turn the thermostat up a degree or five.

8. S'mores from the microwave will never be the same as the real thing. But all that hassle for a fire hardly seems worth it.

9. This is why I need a man in my life: building fires, grilling, and the like. And for fixing things I don't want to figure out how to fix.

10. I am 95% of the way through a book that has annoyed me more than anything else. The problem is that I made it through 50% of the thing and thought I shouldn't give up at that point. I think this is a downside of the Kindle. I feel some sort of strange guilt about simply reading another book (though I've never struggled with this in the past). Perhaps it is that whenever I turn it on, it returns to the page at which I left off leaving me with a sense of obligation. I need help.

11. This has put a cramp in my summer reading list goals. Further evidence that I need help.

12. I attempted self-tanner on my legs recently. I'm still not certain how I feel about this. I think I need to admit to myself that I'm a pale white woman--there is no hope for incandescent-free gams.

13. I won't let this thoroughly destroy my self-image. Because

14. At least I paid off the SOBs of Lane Bryant this month. Once and for all. And if they try and send me another tempting coupon in the mail to lure me in to their den of sinfully overpriced clothing, I'm just going to remember that $50 t-shirts, even with a coupon, are a rip off. See: SOBs wasn't too harsh an invective.

15. Besides, most of the store looks like someone went a little crazy with
The Bedazzler.

16. Furthermore, my alabaster stems don't matter because I'm a kick-A teacher. 90% of my AP students passed their
exam. Over 50% of them had 4's and 5's. I will continue to brag about this all year. Even if they're the ones who accomplished such a feat.

Peace out,
The Rookie
(who happens to be enjoying her summer too much for it to be over already)


Alice said...

I heart AC.
Sorry about your welcome back letter.
And stupid 10th graders.
mmm s'mores.
Let's party before summer is over.
Hooray on the AP scores.
Those kids were lucky to have you :)

Alice said...

and I forgot.
Lane Bryant is an SOB!
Glad you paid them off.
Refuse the bedazzler.

Sheesh, they didn't deserve their own comment.

Jen said...

I love microwave s'mores, your blog, and kick-A teachers. I think I could have got a 4 or 5 on the AP English test with a different teacher. I got a 3. I got a 4 on the Calculus test because I had a kick-A teacher. Even if you are filled with dread, at least you make the world a better place.