Thursday, July 5, 2007

Even Air Conditioning Has Its Pros and Cons

Ah...the sun rises earlier and sets later. The crickets chirp at night. In the distance the asphalt shimmers in the rising heat waves. All this points in one direction. That is right, it is summer here in my lovely desert state. And in a place where triple digits are expected, I am dying!

The new basement apartment Alice and I moved into in April came not only with cheaper rent and a summer infestation of spiders, earwigs, and centipedes, it came air conditioner free (don't worry about the landlady, though...she has a swamp cooler which keeps her nice and comfortable). And I am reminded of my youth in a certain house across from a certain fire station in which I spent every summer in a similar predicament. And I am reminded that, all in all, this royally sucks. I spent the entire day at home trying to get my laundry done and where else do I have to go? Big mistake! By eight pm my energy was so zapped I thought I wasn't feeling well. Now, I realize that there are worse things in this life. I am so incredibly happy that I live in far more comfortable conditions than my predecessors or residents of third-world, equatorial nations. But this really does bite!

However, as I cannot do much about my living conditions other than wait it out until mid-September, I thought I might look on the bright side. It is hot and that in and of itself is miserable and awful and not right in the United States in 2007. But, there are good things. Following is a list...

1. My laundry that doesn't dry in the piece of crap dryer included in the airconditionless apartment dries incredibly fast when hung to dry in this hot environment.

2. I never have to blow dry my hair anymore for the same reason...and my heavens it is too hot when I do!

3. I am getting good use out of my tank tops and "skank clothing not suitable for public display."

4. I conserve energy (I two ceiling fans, two oscillating fans, and one desk fan take up more or less energy than an air conditioning unit and a blow dryer?).

5. It is a great excuse for not cooking. The oven produces too much heat and I feel too hot to cook anyway...let's eat out!

6. It is always a great idea to go to the movies. I've seen several that I've wanted to, including an indy-flick, Once, which has an incredible soundtrack! I didn't even realize that the lead is also the lead singer of a favorite band of mine, The Frames!

7. I want to drink more than my daily requirement of water.

8. I really don't have much of an appetite lately. Except for popsicles and sherbet ice cream and anything else cold. I call it the "Heat Stroke Diet."

9. I could easily host a Bikram Yoga class in my living room.

10. I am single-handedly keeping a great company like Degree brand deodorant in business.

What about you...any pros I haven't thought of here? Any miserable, heat-filled experiences of your own? I'd love to hear about them.


LovingTheChaos said...


I thought of one! You sweat you makeup off at night instead of having to wash it off! :)

Love Ya!

Alice said...

I am sure there should be more but let it be known...we are out of here before next year at this time. We might be stupid and put up with it once, but not twice! :)

HAD said...

I bet back in the day at a certin house next to a certin fire station you thought you would never spend a summer like that if you could choose where you live. Don't feel bad there has to be a some bad in everything.

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