Sunday, July 22, 2007

How was San Diego?

I saw my brother last night and he asked how San Diego was, he's been waiting patiently for a new blog post about it. So I suppose I will update quickly.

San Diego was far better than expected. I genuinely had a fun time. I took away some great new ideas for my AP classroom from the content-area break-out session I was in each morning. We (the co-workers and me) created a great plan for the upcoming school year and 4-year plan for AVID in our school. I was tired the entire time because I stayed up talking way too late every night (note: wee small hours of the morning) to CF, my hotel roommate and another English teacher at my school. It is dangerous when you get two women together. It is more dangerous when they both like to read and talk about books. It is even more dangerous when they both teach. We had so much to talk about--teaching, great books, our families, history, politics, etc. I think out of everything, the conversation was the most enjoyable. The weather was much too nice. I don't exactly love humidity during the hottest part of the day, however. Overall it was much more enjoyable than the triple digits in my hometown (and you've all heard about the airconditionless apartment).

Also, my coworkers are all gourmands. I mean these people really, really love great food and great wine. And, as the district was footing the bill, we hit a couple of great restaurants over the course of the week. I had the most exquisitely good lasagna--I don't think it even had noodles in it. It was illegally decadent. Our first evening there we hit Old Town and I, more forgetful than ever, forgot my camera. You should have seen this stained glass window at one of the churches--stories high and absolutely beautiful! Three of us also hit La Jolla one night, just in time for the sunset. Luckily I remembered my camera. The photo above was taken of a patio that overlooks the ocean. But here's my favorite pic from the night:

And that was San Diego. :)


Stine said...

I'm glad you had a good time darling.

I'd love to chat by phone soon. I just feel like I haven't really talked with you in awhile. What are good times to call you?

HAD said...

I am leaving for Utah on Wednesday the 1st we will be there until thursday the 9th. I hope to see you guys. Give me a call.