Friday, August 3, 2007

The Potter Affair

I've been involved in a torrid affair. I've lost a few days out of the past week and a half of my life. He kept me up late at night. He was my reason for waking in the morning. I couldn't get him off my mind. I lost sleep. I neglected friends and family. He even invaded my dreams. It has been a punch drunk sort of love. Yes, I've been reading Harry Potter.

Harry and I have had quite the history, actually. Years ago, while I was still a freshman in college, I read books 1-4 in about a week-long span. I recall being ticked off I had to wait who knew how long until book 5 came out. Like any lover who feels herself scorned, I forgot Harry and our passionate affair, moved on to more sophisticated reading, required reading for college classes, poetry and other recommendations. I began to think myself above him, possibly out of spite for having to wait around for him. Harry was just a name I heard in certain circles. Harry's story slipped priority and other books, other things took precedence. Harry was forgotten. I slipped into adulthood. I forgot the intensity of that magical week we spent together.

And then I had a conversation with Alice's sister about Harry Potter, she lent me books 5 and 6. Responsibility be damned, I bit. An all-nighter, three complete showerless, nutrition-forgotten days of my life, three neglect-complaint sessions from those close to me, a late-night stop at Wal-Mart (it was the only place open) for Book 7, and I've completed the series. And, frankly, now that it is over I feel a bit lost. It is silly, I know. But there is a melancholy in knowing I will never read Harry Potter for the first time again. In fact, I doubt I'll read much of Potter ever again. One cannot dedicate that kind of time to that kind of epic series when one has a "life list" like mine. One must also face the facts: she's 26, the school year is coming up, she has laundry to do and bills to pay, and losing a day for a reading love affair is silly.

So, Harry, thank you for the time we spent together. My memories of you will always be fond ones.


LovingTheChaos said...

He he should publish this! :)

Stine said...

Lyam and I started reading Book 1 out loud just yesterday.

Michelle said...

You know, I've only read books 1 and 1/2. This was years ago - like 2001. I probably need to start again. My book list gets so huge though. Fun post!