Sunday, August 12, 2007

Further Proof That Life's Not Fair

This past week I spent at an AP Summer Institute. In a nutshell: I learned all about how to best teach my AP English Language & Composition class this coming year. It was very helpful as far as teaching the course. I feel better prepared to teach it than I did a week ago.

Now comes the whining part...The bad news--a woman in the class was feeling ill. The really bad news--after the conference on Friday, I decided to take a nap. When I woke up my throat was scratchy. I thought it might just go away, certainly I couldn't be coming down with something. Wrong! By Saturday afternoon I was in bed with a fever, dreaming crazy fever dreams. I keep pumping down Ibuprofen, my drug of choice, which helps more than it hurts at this point.

But I'm here to say that THIS IS NOT FAIR! You see, this coming week marks my FINAL week of summer. On the 20th I'm back at school for long-winded professional development days in which I feel professionally underdeveloped and annoyed that I can't go up to my classroom and do some "real" work. You know, the kind where you prepare stuff for your classes and plan out the year or at least the first week or so because when the students come you would like to maintain the allusion that you know what you're doing and that you have something important for them to do so they never realize you're not who they think you are and that you're a sham pretending that you know how to teach. (Why...yes, yes I do feel insecure about my teaching ability, what could have possibly given it away?). And it just isn't fair! This week is my last chance to enjoy summer and I'm blasted sick!

A curse upon this nasty (viral?) bug that is attacking my sinuses and throat (and I hope not my lungs but I feel them leaning in that direction). A curse upon the woman for breathing on me (really, she was nice and I shouldn't curse her). A curse upon summer for being over already. And a curse upon boring professional development days that I will go to because it is non-salaried extra money come payday. And may blessings forever fall on the inventors of ibuprofen and other cold medicine. Oh, and sorry for the "pity me party," I know life isn't as awful as it seems when you are sick.

Meadwhile, I'b go-ig to blow by dose.


Stine said...

Oh baby, feel better. Lots of water.

Michelle said...

I hate getting sick too. I'm sorry! Take vitamin C too. :)

Alice said...

Being sick is ths pits.. :(Hope you are feeling better!