Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Few Thoughts for Sunday

"The sharp, side-by-side contrast of the sweet and the bitter
is essential

until the very end of this brief, mortal experience.

Meanwhile, even routine, daily life provides sufficient sandpaper to

smooth our crustiness and polish our rough edges, if we are meek."

"Part of enduring well consists of being meek enough,
amid our suffering, to learn from our relevant experiences.
Rather than simply passing through these things,
they must pass through us and
do so in ways which sanctify these experiences for our good."

~ Neal A. Maxwell

Source found here. (Do yourself a favor, read it!)


Anonymous said...

Thank you, needed that today.

Maryhelen said...

Oh how I love Elder Maxwell!

Alice said...

I might be a week late...but I love this. Thank you for sharing.

Lildonbro said...

Wonderful! Thanks for sharing those!