Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I Should

I have things I should be doing: grading the endless pile, exercising, lesson planning, writing a thank you note. I should read more. I should give up my beloved diet coke. Refined sugar. R-rated indie-flicks. Negative thinking. I should be more like that someone who always smiles. I should visit my grandparents more often. I should study and learn more. I should sew again. Go for a walk with my camera around my neck. I should wear more comfortable shoes to work. I should dress more professionally for work--even if it means less comfort. I should treat that student, friend, acquaintance with more kindness. I should be more strict with that student. I should set more boundaries. I should eat more vegetables. I should eat less candy. I should start singing again. I should do the dishes before bed each night. I should get a second job. I should write more often. I should spend less time on facebook. I should wake up earlier. I should try that. I really should.

Thanks to tweexcore for the image.


Jen said...

I agree. You really should sew more. The rest, meh.

CSIowa said...

You should stop using the word "should." You could replace it with "could" and see how empowering that can be! Or you could do something else.