Monday, January 11, 2010

Letters that need writing...

Dear Fishnet Stockings,
You have changed my world for the better.

Dear Red Lipstick,
The fishnets make me wonder if you and I might actually have a future together.
If only I could find your perfect shade.

Dear Smoggy Inversion,
I want to see the sky blue again. I'll even take a massive snowstorm during an extra-early commute over you.

Dear Alarm,
I meant to push Snooze, not Off. Thanks for making me late. A fine help you are! (Though I'm feeling every last minute of those 45 minutes I overslept this fine Monday.)

Dear 9th Graders,
You make me pee my pants laughing with your awkward antics. Many thanks from your teacher who was equally as gawky at your age.

Dear Momsy,
Thanks for letting me cry to you on the phone over nothing at all last night. And thanks for making me laugh with your silliness. As much as you have the potential to drive me over-the-edge crazy, I enjoy you immensely. Your sense of humor means everything.

Dear Roommate,
I like you. You are so enjoyable to be around, I fear marriage will suck by comparison (and not just because you like stupid, predictable, sappy chick flicks too). Oh, and as roommates go: you're perfect.

Dear Future Husband,
My life is already so full, but I'm quite willing to make room for one more. (And, if this hurries things along at all...did you hear about the fishnets?)

Dear Grading,
Stop growing. I know I assign you, but can't you shrink of your own volition?

Dear Post-Holiday Gut,
Can't you also shrink of your own volition?

Dear 2010,
I know I keep forgetting to write you in the white board at school, on the top of my checks and all. But could you be good to me nonetheless?

And, lest you all think me a shallow, deprived woman...

Dear Book of Mormon,
It is Me and You this year. I can hardly wait. Though I don't want to admit it, it has been far too many years since we last spent this much time together (or got past 2nd Nephi).

* Thanks, sabino. Because every post needs at least one image.


Libby said...

Dear Rookie-
You're great. Thanks for letting us all in on the hilarity that flows through your brain!

Stephanie said...

I've said it before, and I'm sure I'll say it again, but: I adore you!

Sephalo said...

I love it when you blog, it always makes me smile :)

Miss Melissa Bee said...

Love the post and your bravery. I have never worn fishnets fearing they were for the petit crowd. You have inspired me to try them...someday! You're the greatest! Oh, and your last letter gave me chills and inspired me to spend some time doing the same thing. :)

Charlotte said...

I love you! p.s. I never noticed my name says (Charlotte & Co.) that's funny.