Monday, June 8, 2009

As an Addendum to My Previous Post

I still really, really, really, really do NOT want to sort or file anything. Ever.

If I made more money I would hire a filing clerk. I dream about him sometimes. He'd wear bright ties with coordinating striped dress shirts. He'd call me Boss and treat me with more respect than my students ever do. He'd water my plants (that I don't have because he's not around to take care of them) and make my life dreamy.

Oh, how I'd love a filing clerk.

Yes. To answer your question, this is a gratuitously pitiful and meager attempt in delaying the filing even longer.


Jen said...

Can his name be Dan? Dapper Dan? File 'em Dan-o. It would just work for me.

Also, if he changes diapers and babysits, I'll borrow him on weekends.

The Lathrop's said...

if I lived closer, you wouldn't have to hire anyone - I'd file for you - I actually like to file things - odd I know, but that's me :o)

Wendy said...

I'll switch you babysitting for filing!! :) I'm serious.

silvernic said...

I'd like to rescind my comment about paperless classroom and instead say that I plan on having unconquerable piles to be filed next year. Most of them placed near the ground where one filing clerk might have to bend to reach them!