Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Hidden Life of the High School English Teacher

The English Teacher, in her natural habitat of lounge pants and a ratty t-shirt, brings home her fresh kill.

With anticipation she picks up her first essay, ready to be wowed.

But wait! Something is amiss. Whatever could it be?

Is that disappointment? Frustration? 
Oh, dear English Teacher, tell us what is wrong.

What's that? You aren't sure what, exactly, "This iz 4 REEL" is supposed to mean. Silly English Teacher, everyone knows that!

Don't get angry, English Teacher, anger is like a stress. It can make us throw clots and stroke out. 4 real.

We know, we know. But anger only makes matters worse.

Oh, that's really mature, English Teacher, REAL mature!

Oh look, the English Teacher is bored with her students' mediocrity.

But...but...she never finished reading! Should we wake her up?


Rebecca Talley said...

Very entertaining. I always wondered how English teachers reacted to student papers. Love the photos.

Wemdu Pea said...

:) Well...at least we know you didn't lose your sense of humor about it all!

You are my hero. English teachers got it baddest of all! Love ya.

Anonymous said...

Just taking a jaunt through through the MMB virtual world, and what do I find? You are living my dream! I actually CHANGED MY MAJOR in college from secondary ed. and turned to the dark side. Recreation Management. But I'm not sorry. People pay me to play! But I've always wondered, what if...

Maybe I can live the dream through you!

Alice said...

Oh friend. Sad but true. Do any of the essays bring any glimmer of hope?

I always worried about what my teachers thought of my papers. Now I know the truth, skim, skim, comment, score. Thats how much they thought about it.

Fun pictures.

Ginger said...

Oh wow. That was funny! "4 Reel.." LOL. Thanks for a good laugh!

Confessions of a Music Loving Bookworm said...

Oh, that is halair girl friend. At least you didn't lose all your humor and senses in the whole craziness. I was actually laughing, not that your other posts haven't been funny just... yeah.

Anonymous said...

What?..... Did you understand my daughter? Please translate!!
Is this what you read everyday? Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!

Ashley said...

I love your students! They write their papers just like they text message. I use to think it would be so cool to correct papers. I loved making my little sister and her friends do the worksheets I made just so I could correct them with a fancy RED pen. :)

I love all the pictures!

silvernic said...

You read your students papers? I just do a quick visual to make sure they wrote something. Next paper I've been thinking that I'll try out the "throw them down the stairs method." You know, whatever lands on the 1st step is an A, 2nd step is a B, and so on. You should give it a try.

The Lathrop's said...

Love the pics - they go great w/ your comments!

Stine said...

Ur such an actress. 4 reelz. Love the pics. LOL!

Rie Pie said...

ah ha ha ha

Heidi said...

Good night nurse, it's like looking at a clone of me, back in the day.

That's why it always took me forever to grade--not because I didn't have time (I didn't) but because it was so BORING to read mediocre work times 120.