Friday, October 24, 2008

Oh to Be 14 Again...

If my students are any gauge, there is no hope of their teacher marrying.  Ever.  I shouldn't even bother. Because, according to the following, I must be in the dry spell of a life time.

To Ms. Rookie's Students:

Today's Journal Topic?  Pick your own!  Write about anything you want 
(school appropriate, of course). 

Little did I know that this little prompt would result in the following journal (edited so as to prevent the agony you all would feel reading just one of these babies).  Enjoy.

"Mr. C" is in my biology class.  He sits at the next table kind of behind me and he is so...soooo...yeah!!!!  YUM-MY! 

(Rookie here, preserving you from the yadda yadda yadda, blah blah blah, superfluous exclamation marks, some bit about his hair and eyes and tight girl pants, and a run down of all their awkward interactions a la "and he was like, 'hey' and i was like 'hey.'"  So now you can feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude because I wish a summarizing voice of adult sanity would interrupt student essays and do the same for me).  

Anywayz, i really think that maybe i should txt him, you know?  But I'm trudishenil and he should totally txt first, NA WHAT I'M SAYIN?  

(Are you ready for the finale?)

(You sure?)

(OK, but you asked for it...)

And it is weird because I haven't felt this way in like for so long you know! 

Say what?  Did I just read that right?  Honey, you're in 9th grade.  "In like for so long"?  Seriously?  


Anonymous said...

I feel your pain!

This reminds me of the "But he has always been a straight A student before!" comment I get from parents. HELLO!! He is in 3rd grade!! What do you mean ALWAYS??

Jen said...

I've been a high school sub for five years - jr. high two years before that. This essay cracked me up! Do parents have any idea their daughters swoon after boys wearing "tight girl pants?"

And the perspective of ninth grade girls is really something to behold...

silvernic said...

I totally need a pair of tight girl pants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jen R. said...

Oh I loathe those tight girl pants. And the long greasy swoop hair. Maybe it's cause I'm trudishnel.

Alice said...

hehehehehehe gotta love it! I love all the dramatics (is that a word?) As for the girl pants? What the heck are they thinking. I can't wait for them to look back on that trend and be mortified!

Rie Pie said...

fa reellzz!!!! Girl pants? I don't understand this fashion statement. Now, for some reason I do dig the nasty punk hair. What is wrong with me!? Seriously, if you saw a picture album of my past...

Stine said...

Oh to be 14 again?

Oh dear.

Oh to be 27 again.