Friday, February 29, 2008

Random Thoughts for a Friday

After a wretched work-filled week of teaching (same old-same old), ESL Endorsement class (gag), parent teacher conferences (snore), I have today off. I've spent the morning sleeping in and catching up on blogs from the week. Today my motors are on mellow mode but I want to post something. Here is a sampling of the randomness floating through this noggin o' mine:

1. For some odd reason I feel really awful about Leap Year babies. It all stems back to first grade when Mrs. White/Green/Black (okay, I only know it was a 1st & 5th grade teachers were named after a color) made a big stink about how it wasn't ACTUALLY Joe's birthday, but we were celebrating it on the 28th nonetheless. Poor Joe, the kid born on February 29th who only saw his birthday every four years. I, with my birthday just around the corner, was devastated that he didn't REALLY get his birthday. It seemed cheap and merciless. It did then. It still does now.

2. I believe in big earrings. If you are going to wear earrings, they should be noticeable. Not gaudy. Just noticeable. I think we can attribute this to my dark, curly hair, which swallows up the simplest of studs. Perhaps big earrings are the antidote to this little problem. For example:




3. I love fresh basil. I really do. I spent the extra $2.73 for some at my local grocer last time I went and I chopped some up on my frozen Kashi pizza I had for brunch this morning (I'm such a nutritional health nut on these days off of mine, later I'll be breaking into the chocolate, be sure). And do you pronounce basil the British way (Baaaa-Zill) or the American way (Bay-zill)?

4. Why is it that on the days I have not many pressing things to do (like, say, work), I delay showering as long as possible?

5. I recently purchased a pair of these (with corral pink piping, instead of banana) on clearance from Old Navy and I LOVE them. Surprisingly comfortable. Many compliments ensue whenever I wear them. I'm thinking of what I could wear them with today...once I shower, of course.

6. I cannot live without I Can't Believe It's Not Butter Spray. Seriously, what did I do before this stuff?

7. I'm looking for a new perfume scent for my upcoming birthday (someone's bound to gift it to me, right?) and I really feel at a loss. Echo by Davidoff has been my signature scent. I'm thinking I need something new. Any suggestions?

8. I really think this girl is great:

You should read her blog and all feel green with the jealousy of knowing that she is MY best friend (and a very loyal best friend at that).

9. And, lest I reveal my completely shallow and trivial nature: Yesterday, I heard a dreary statistic. In the United States today every 1 in 100 adults is in the prison system. We are, of course, paying more tax dollars for the prison system than for higher education now. Does anyone else think we are doing something very, very wrong in this country?

And I guess that is that. I think I give off the appearance of intelligence, but truth is I have simple, uncreative thoughts scooting through my brain ALL DAY LONG...and everybody knows it.


Sephalo said...

I love you mind, you are so interesting! Oh, and Basil (I say bayzil) is the BEST thing EVER!

Ashley said...

I also delay showering everyday! Besides no matter what I do I always smell like baby puke.

I do love big earings. I agree with the dark hair thing... my earings are not near as noticeable either. Love the -WTF-

My sis is the best!

Heidi said...

Don't get me started on ESL Endorsement classes. I read many novels through my courses, because they were just SO useful. (You can tell I'm being sarcastic, right?)

However, I LOVED Parent Teacher Conferences. I don't know why. It just seemed like a giant autograph party--everyone waiting in line to see ME, ME, ME! Narcissistic? Absolutely!

Jen said...

We had a friend who had only had four birthdays when we turned 20. I guess it was her 6th birthday this year. Kind of a bummer.

Bay-zil, for me.

And word on the prison thing. It's even worse for minorities. We're very disappointed around here about this.