Thursday, February 21, 2008

Me from A to Z

I was tagged by BlackeyedSue, Alice, and the Car mom...guess I better do this, already!

A- Attached or Single? Single
B- Best Friend? Alice
C- Cake or Pie? Pie
D- Day of Choice? Friday
E- Essential Item? Glasses or contacts (see previous post)
F- Favorite Color? Green
G- Gummy Bears or Worms? Bears...I like biting their heads off.
H- Hometown? The one I grew up in (privacy, sorry)
I- Favorite Indulgence? Cheesecake
J- January or July? July if I am by a swimming pool or in air conditioning. January if I don't have to clean my car off in the morning. Or shovel.
K- Kids? Not yet.
L- Life isn't complete without? Good people. Good books. Good food. And a good night's sleep.
M- Marriage date? I'd take a first date at this point! :)
N- Number of brothers and sisters? Two half-brothers, seven half-sisters.
O- Oranges or Apples? Both when they are good. Neither if they are too tart, too dry, too ripe.
P- Phobias and Fears? Going through the grief of losing a loved one. Failing at something that matters a great deal to me.
Q- Quote? "A word, after a word, after a word is power." ~ Margaret Atwood
R- Reason to smile? Too many to list. I live a blessed life.
S- Season of choice? Autumn or Spring...these seasons understand moderation!
T- Tag three people? If you want to play, please do.
U - Unknown fact about you? I once did a dance solo--leotard and all--in front of the entire school. Mind you, I was not a dancer in high school but my gym/dance class teacher asked me to perform the dance I'd choreographed and I thought "What the hey! When will I have a chance to do this again?" Then they played the wrong music. Luckily it was Enya so I did the same dance and added a few moves toward the end as the song was a few measures longer. Improvisation, kids, improvisation! (That, or perhaps I looked a bit like Napoleon D).
V- Vegetable? Most of them are yummy to me...other than brussels sprouts.
W- Worst Habit? Procrastination. I could procrastinate anything, even procrastination itself.
Y- Your favorite food? Tortilla Chips and Salsa--I'm thinking it deserves its own segment of the food pyramid.
Z- Zoo animal? The zoo sort of depresses me, frankly. All those animals in captivity seems sort of...pitiful. I hate to see an animal sleeping next to a heeping pile of their own dung. I do appreciate the bird house, however. It always seems that someone in my party has their shoulder pooped on when we go.


LovingTheChaos said...

You bite their heads off? Sick man!


Jen said...

I love chips and salsa, too.

And I love your comment about the zoo. The shoulder pooping would definitely liven things up. I guess you must love when Harry lets the snake out in The Sorcerer's Stone?