Monday, February 4, 2008

Confessions of My Disorganization

Let me tell you a truth: today was the first day I spent time filing/organizing my classroom this school year. Oh sure, I make neat little (evergrowing into leaning towers) piles, I make sure the books on the shelves look orderly, I have a place for graded and un-graded student assignments. But my counter and desk space is taken over by all the other stuff--extra copies, original copies, unit plans, overheads, weird stuff I get from weird places (meetings, trainings, other teachers).

I've been quite good at ignoring this stuff for the past, oh, 5-6 months. I am talented at saying "I'll deal with it later" or "If I haven't missed whatever is at the bottom of that pile yet, it can wait until next school year!" But then I learned that in my near future there will be guests. Tomorrow morning we are administering state testing and my room has, unbeknownst to me, volunteered itself. I will have two other teachers in my room for the next three days. And next week the counselors will be stopping by for registration (because, curriculum-be-darned, the English teachers are always the first-stop-shop for all things interruptive--because everybody has English ALL FOUR YEARS--its a blessing and a curse). And just like unexpected company when the laundry is in varying stages of (un)folded around the living room, I had a bit of a panic. So I spent prep period prepping for company so that said teachers won't think me to be the disorganized slob that I really am.

AND then there is my house. On top of my computer armoire there is an accumulating scattering of paid bills that belongs in my handy-dandy file box. Its been a few months since I've "gotten around to it." Oh, and nothing in my life is alphabetized. Not my books, not my files, not my music (except on iTunes--and that is only because they do it for me). And don't get me started on the contents of my car trunk. Did you know I have a pink bathrobe in there from last April when I moved? It is true. I have had a fuzzy pink bathrobe in my trunk for nearly a year for no particular reason other than it seems as good a place as any. Not to mention the 30 pound box of circa 2005 literary magazines from my alma mater--which I intended to use at some point in my teaching career.

Now this is why I share this story:

There are people in this world like Blackeyed Sue. And then, there are people in this world like me. And people like me will never be like people such as Blackeyed Sue. Oh, I've tried. There was a time that my closet was color-coordinated (Ha! who was that girl?). There were days when my bank account was balanced every month to the penny, but I've just realized I'm $40.83 off, to my good, yes, but off, nonetheless and I don't have the time to fix it or figure it out. Yes, I once tried to fight my nature. I tried to be one of the organized people. But the facts must be faced: I am one of the disorganized and being organized just isn't in our genetic makeup.

So, I have a proposition: will someone like Sue come into my life and organize for me based on the sheer challenge of it all? Because I don't have the time nor have I the energy. I need an organization-for-dummies system created for me and my harried life. Any takers? Please?


Alice said...

Hehehe I am sorry kid. I don't think you are as unoragnized as you might say, but your piles can get to me. I think that however has more to do with my mother and her piles then anything you have ever done.

But I am not perfect either. While I like neatness and order, and I am known for OCD when it comes make my sweater shelves, folding my underwear, and organizing my sisters chaos...the truth is, I am no Sue! I am better than many, but not really a consultant if I must be honest :)

Blackeyedsue said...

Sue isn't as organized as you think. Right now she is staring at a kitchen that looks like a bomb went off, a desk with MOUNDS of papers, a kitchen table with the remains of a bug habitat that she built yesterday with her seven year old, three baskets of laundry to fold, four more to go in, every bed in the house unmade, 4 bathrooms to scrub and a fridge that she is afraid to open in fear that something will reach out and grab her.

But her pantry is clean. Ahhhhhhh!

Jen said...

I laughed about the pink bathrobe. I recently found a jacket in my laundry that I didn't think belonged to us until I asked my husband if he knew whose it was. "Oh, it's mine. It was in the trunk of the Saturn." (Since before we were married four years ago, apparently.)

And I love flylady's advice on organizing. She says to ask:
1. Do I love this?
2. Do I need this?
3. Do I have a place for this?
And use the criteria to help decide
a. thrift pile
b. put away
or c. throw away.

And good job, Sue. Just focus on that pantry.

LovingTheChaos said...


Some of the smartest minds in the world are complete pigs when it came to organization and cleaning...I'm not sure their names...but I know they are out there...and they are famous for something. :)

Love ya.

ashley said...

You are good at organizing other peoples things! You helped me organize my master bathroom closet. It looked fabulous!! I kept it up until I moved. Besides you live with little miss organizer her self. Have her help you with it. ( thats what I do):)

Really I have never noticed that you are unorganized. But I have never seen your classrom.

Mrs. Bennett said...

I am a mess. But I am slowly trying to become organized, although it never lasts. I too have had color coordinated closets - for about a month. My latest attempt at organization includes one of those cool hanging shoe racks - and I love it. Wish I could be more help, but know you are in good company with me.