Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Today I count.

In the past 15 hours I have made it through...

1 shower.

2 shaved legs but only

1 nicked knee.

1 really nice encouragement card from

1 of the world's best pals.

2 trips to the copy room.

14 student schedule changes.

8 tardy students.

1 day of the students' return.

13 "when does this class get out?" queries.

3 class periods.

1 insanely busy prep period.

10 hours at work.

95 of my 180 students (with a 3% name retention rate).

1 blister from supposedly "comfortable" shoes.

23 minutes for lunch/bathroom break/set-up the next class/give a student their make-up summer homework/chat with two teachers who "just-popped-in"/a visit from old AP students (and still--I managed it all!).

1 really stressful and uncomfortable department chair duty email composition (why must some co-workers be so difficult?).

25 extra minutes of teaching tacked onto my day (did I mention how they extended the school day?)

2 Traffic Jams but only

7 late minutes due to said jams.

2 thoroughly enjoyable Visiting Teaching appointments.

13 hours from when I left my carport to when I pulled into it again.

1 cold cut turkey sandwich for dinner.

2 really tired legs.

1 blog post (the first in a really long time).

May I find some kind of normalcy in all of this sooner rather than later!

The Rookie: Attractive on SO many levels it's almost scary.


Wendy said...

Love it! I know...I know...that is what I always say, but that is how I see it. :) You are talented and beautiful (except maybe in that picture ;) and can do it all. You rock!

P.S. the word verification is "hotica" That is my new word for you! :)

Alice said...

YOu did it! HOORAY! Glad you survived your first day of school...even if you are beat!

As for the picture? hehehehehe

Sephalo said...

You're so cute! lol
And I LOVE the picture!
Congratulations teacher!

Stephanie said...

Can I just tell you how impressed I am that you went visiting teaching on the first day of school? That's some serious dedication, girl friend! Congrats on making it through :)

Jen said...

That picture is awesome! Thanks for that. You are a wonder woman.

Scot said...

I am tired just reading it.... (: