Friday, October 30, 2009

Free Flying Friday

Sometimes a girl just gets the urge for splattering a chaotic thought train on the old blog. A list, if you will, of what is currently on my mind:

1. I am talented at many things. Avoiding the BOX of grading (papers, essays, reading journals, projects) that awaits me happens to be my forte. Yes, a BOX. I've outgrown my bag. I grade, I really do. It just keeps growing in its overwhelmability. (Is that a word? I just made it one.) Instead of facing my problems, I choose to blog.

2. Dear Self: Some guys just flirt. With everyone. Period. They're good at it. Don't take it personally, dearie. It will only end badly if you do that. Flirt back for fun and leave it at that. Think of it as practice for the big game that will some day show up in your life. Besides, are you really compatible with someone who is most decidedly a Glenn Beck fan? (No offense to my Glenn Beck-ite readers, I just don't know that I could marry one of you.)

3. Eating apple pie a la mode at 9 PM with your pals does not bode well for daily Weight Watchers points. Frankly, this whole Halloween, holidays swiftly approaching business is killing the diet.

4. I love a cloud-covered day. Sometimes you just need the gloominess.

5. I will not eat the Swedish Fish kindly provided by the PTSA. I will not eat the Swedish Fish kindly provided by the PTSA. Repeat.

6. Mmmmm, Swedish Fish.

7. I really need to purchase a replacement ink cartridge STAT. This hussling about the school during prep period in search of a printer is no way to live my life.

8. I need to send some new pictures to be printed at Costco. I have an empty frame in my office and old photos scattered in frames about the house.

9. I need to do a lot of things.

10. Alice and I were discussing just this very topic: we each would fully appreciate one week from work on a "vacation." As in, we're out of town and can't do anything with you that week, sorry. But really we spend that week getting everything done for which we never have the time. A giant Checking Off the To Do List Celebration Week. Can you imagine how glorious it would be?

11. Praises be! Ashley, Alice's sister, is coming to town tomorrow. Do you know long it has been since I had my hair cut. July. Early July. Nearly four months! My naturally curly hair grows into a triangle if left alone. A triangle! Not flattering. Oh, how I adore me some Ashley. And not just because she cuts my hair and shapes my eye brows to perfection and...

12. Okay--confession time--she also waxes my chin. I don't know what has happened other than genetics, but I'm developing something resembling scruff. I swear it to you all! This is SO not cool. My entire life I have sat in the back seat of my parent's car watching my Mom "pluck" (tweeze) her chin on the way to every social event we attended in my childhood. My father always had to drive so Mom could tweeze away. I'm her now. I'm her! And I totally get it: the car really is the best place for such an activity--perfect lighting.

13. Grading is waiting. I better leave it at 13. Besides, I'm boring you poor people into a coma.

(Thanks, google, for the image that is as random as this post.)


Rie Pie said...

I LOVE that I was on your blog when you posted this!! First comments on the Rookie's blog is a lovely thing.

Things on my mind:

1. Someone put Halloween decorations on my cubicle today. The candy is really bad for my diet. So are the cheesy tots from BK that I got this morning.

2. People who hate Twilight suck the big one. Seriously, if you don't like it don't watch it, don't read it, and don't act as though Edward is gay and then dress like him.

3. I’m glad today is cloudy too. I love the days when you can never tell where the sun is.

4. I love the Rookie.

5. I wonder if Ewan Mcgregor tastes like caramel...MMMMmmmm

debilyn said...

I just love the random thought posts...always so entertaining. I also love that picture.

Completely agree with you about the cloudy days :)

Terresa said...

On the contrary, I'm not bored in the least! I'm even thinking about my chin hairs now, and wishing my kids had saved their Swedish fish from Halloween (they were some of the candy we scarfed down first).

PS: Cloudy is OK. Where I'm at, we celebrate those days because 362 of the other days of the year, it's blazin' hot sun, sweetie.

PPS: Before we got married, my husband could've won the gold for Flirting 101. I'm surprised it didn't get him into more trouble...