Saturday, July 18, 2009

Cleaning ADD

1. Avoid breaking neck on unpacked (but not necessarily put away) messes of shoes on bedroom floor.

2. Start cleaning up shoe mess.

3. Give up.

4. Fold towels.

5. Spot camera.

6. Forget cleaning altogether.

7. Go outside.

8. Take picture of "front porch"

Note to self: sweep stairwell.
Addendum to note-to-self: on mission. stairwell sweeping must wait.

9. Take pictures of stuff you've meant to take pictures of in backyard.

10. Melt in sun.

11. Go inside.

12. Stare at towel

13. Take "raw" self-portrait sans
makeup/good lighting.

14. See picture, consider showering.

15. Decide against showering.

16. Back to shoe mess.

17. Stare aimlessly at shoe mess.

18. Create good will pile.

19. Color coordinate 1/2 closet.

20. Give up closet.

21. Blog.

22. Shower.

23. Finish closet.

24. Stare aimlessly at shoe mess.

25. Find shoe solution at Wal-mart.

26. Create safe walkway in bedroom.

27. Organize shoes.

The end.


Ginger said...

Did you get that white shoe shelf at Walmart?? I need that!!

Jen said...

My sister had three doors covered both sides with shoes when she moved and had to downsize. My husband has like three pair. Sundays, sneakers, work shoes. Maybe a few flip flops floating. Ah, the simplicity of manliness.

Wendy said...

Ever entertaining! :)

FreeFamWorld said...

Sounds totally normal to me....

Meg Fee said...

this post= brilliant!! one of the best i've read in many, many moons. and the end shoe jealous, i am!!

Shannon said...

I thought of a weird way to store my million flip flops. I used a file holder. The kind you put on your desk and place 5 folders in. I like you closet better.

The Rookie said...

Ginger, I did get the white shelf at Wal-Mart; but it was ages ago. I'm pretty sure they still have them. I simply had to add the over-the-door rack because the shoe collection keeps growing.

Rie Pie said...

28. go out to dinner with Sariah and Alice.

Heidi said...

I think you have more shoes than I have clothes. I think I have like eight pairs of shoes and 4 are work shoes.

pebes2 said...

Awesome post!! Very clever. I think Robert has more shoes than me! and I can't get him to put them away.

Libby said...

Oh, my dear girl. This hit too close to home. I am the queen of avoiding tasks by pretending that I need to do others, then moving on to something more fun, usually followed by watching episodes of something lame on Netflix. Well, maybe you're the queen actually. Can I be the princess?

Anonymous said...

You and those shoes, WOW! Does everyone else have that many shoes, because if they do, I am surely lacking.