Saturday, January 10, 2009

Lazy Blogger

I have been a terrible blogger lately. Blame Facebook (after much pushing, I finally signed up and holy moly! the people that come out of the woodwork). Blame my new obsession with sewing (did I tell you about the $25 Bernina sewing machine in perfect condition that I scored in a silent auction at school?). Blame the holidays. Or blame the fact that I'm now back in school after my break (and had the worst week in the classroom I've had in a long time). Frankly, I haven't had much spare time and in that spare time I've been doing anything but blogging.

But, frankly, I haven't got a single thing to say lately. Other then Happy New Year! I'm working on it.

Oh, and so that it is just out there in the universe and I can rest easy knowing I said it: Winter is my enemy. My toes haven't been warm in days, I swear (okay, maybe a wee bit of hyperbole, there). I'm cold and sick of snow. Boo to winter.

I promise, the blog will be updated with a real post soon.


Alice said...

I too have been a horrible blogger lately. I am not sure what my deal is? We miss you. Update soon :)

I am sick of being cold myself. Can I join your boo on winter party?

The Lathrop's said...

sometimes there are things to blog about and sometime not. I love to read whatever you post whenever you post - but don't leave me hanging for too long :o)

Facebook doesn't help the blogging as well.

Jen said...

You still rock even when you don't blog.

Ashley said...

We all needed a break from blogging! You should show us all your fun stuff when your done sewing. Im excited for your bag!

Rie Pie said...

Thank goodness for the blog update!! I've been checking your blog every day at work, to no avail. Then today I pull it up and expect to see "wanker" and alas, no "wanker", but "lazy blogger". hurrah!!

Sorry you had a bad week at work. boo the snow too!!