Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I Whine, Therefore I Am

What do you get when you mix a 27 year old teacher with a big ol' bucket-o-adolescents? What is, a woman who doesn't feel 27!

I'm tired, kids. Tired. And my inner most self wants to check blogs and possibly post her own blog post--in fact my brain has been cooking this perfect blog post for a couple of weeks. I miss my blogging friends. I glanced at a few of you here and there, but I don't have the brain power to post a comment...not a comment, you'd want, anyway (oh, now I know somebody out there is saying "any comment is a good comment" but I don't know if this would hold true of my current commenting capacity). But, alas, by this time of night my brain is zapped like a bug in a blue light and my bed is singing her gentle siren song.

Today was The First Day. There are so many names to learn. I can't pronounce all of them correctly. The grading...it is back...already, there is grading. My classroom is 3,987 degrees. My feet hurt, oh how they hurt. I sort of miss my old students. I really miss The Summer.

I promise in a couple of weeks my life will mellow out (I have to make and keep this promise or it will never happen). I will return to the blogging world a new woman. Just give me some breathing room.

And one other word of advice.

Don't let movies like this:

or this:

or this:

convince you that surely teaching is a perfectly rewarding career. Because most days, people won't call you "O Captain, My Captain." Or stand on desks for you. Or hoist you above their heads and carry you in celebration of their educational victories. Or sing "For She's the Jolly Good Fellow" in your honor.

Nope. Not even close. Most days you feel more like this:

And then, to make matters worse, one of them will inevitably raise their hand (Finally!, you'll think, Someone wants to participate in our class discussion! you'll think)
and, without skipping a single beat, this individual will ask you if they can go to the bathroom.

I'm done. Amen.


Anonymous said...

You are amazing, and yes, you will get through this. And........, can't you just wait until I come and we can talk till late in the night. Then you can go to work in the morning, or in a few hours, I should say. I will try not to put you through that. I will stay at mom's during the week. Will see. Take care. I think I know Stephanie Lathrop too, do I.

Rie Pie said...

((cyber raised hand)) Umm, I do actually need to use the restroom, but I just wanted to say that I look up to teachers so much!! Rock on teachers!!

Lahela Hatley said...

Hey Brooke! Oh my gosh I'm so glad to finally get in touch with you! Wow, such a long time and looks like so much has happened in our lives since last seeing each other. Hope to hear from you, my email is lahela_kea@hotmail.com.

Confessions of a Music Loving Bookworm said...

Dang.... I feel for you. And as the AM said you will get through this (you already know the relation with me and the AM.) Anyhoo, Good LUCK!

Jen said...

I prescribe a rootbeer float and serious pizza. You are an unsung hero. They don't pay you what you're worth. Also, maybe some chocolate.

Alice said...

Well, you have survived a whole week of teaching. How do you feel? It actually feels like you have been back forever.

I love that bottom dragon picture. So funny.

Jen R. said...

Hi, saw you on mormon mommy blogs. I have two sister-in-law teachers and a bunch of friends, so I've heard all about the ups and downs of teaching! I applaud you! And my husband thinks teacher movies are all the same.

Blackeyedsue said...

I was rolling reading this post. You should write a column about the woes of teaching high school.


Carol said...

And for all those reasons I think you are surely worthy of a pay increase!