Thursday, August 14, 2008

Houston, We Have a Problem

Like any decent, red-blooded American female, I loves me some shoes. And, like any decent, single, financially stable(ish) career woman, I have way too many pair.

I seem to be obsessed with the colorful/comfortable/make a statement kind lately. Maybe a bit too obsessed. I call this "How Many, Many Feet You Meet" (because I'm a wee little dork who thrills in giving titles and nicknames and such). Enjoy...or salivate with shoe-envy.

You might want to click on the image to get the full effect.


Wemdu said...

You are SO Sexless in the City!!! ;)

Heidi said...

My favorite is the purple pair. I love 'em.

Alice said...

Houston, that is a problem! hehehehe

I love the yellow ones, and the purple ones. :)

Rowena said...

I think the purples are my favorite. I want them in ruby red. Awesome collection!

Anonymous said...

I don't get it!!!
What in the crap do you wear with all of those. I don't think my wardrobe will ever be that colorful. At least I'm working on branching out from black and brown.
Your not so shoe loving sister.
Oprah had some big shoe designer on the other day, I don't know if it was a rerun, but some of those crazy expensive shoes looked like trash to me. Who in the world wears them?
Don't worry they were way ugly, and black with this fuzzy fringe crap down the front. Yours are a beautiful rainbow. I'm going on again, oops!